6 Ways To Earn More Money If You’re A Teacher

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Many people think that teachers have one of the easiest jobs in the world. They have an early end to their workday and also enjoy complete summer vacations, right? The truth is that they’re some of the hardest workers you’ll encounter out there. Being an educator takes away more time than just standing in front of the students as teachers also draft lesson plans and meet with administrators and parents regularly.

Teaching professionals are massively essential to a well-functioning society. It’s an unfortunate truth that the majority of them still aren’t paid what they deserve. It’s then no wonder that many teachers are on the lookout for side hustles that can bring extra money into their pockets. If you’re one of them, this post is for you.

Below are some of the best side hustles for teachers in which they can earn using their specialized skills as educators:


1. Private Tutoring

The most common option for teachers to make extra money is to use their knowledge on certain subjects to do one-to-one private tutoring, or teach small groups during the weekends or weekday evenings.

To start with private tutoring, you can offer help to neighbors or friends. It’s also a good idea to advertise your services to your local community through online forums like Facebook groups.

2. Become an ESL (English as a Secondary Language) Teacher

The demand for learning how to speak English is high throughout the world. As an experienced teacher, you’re in an excellent position to become an online teacher for ESL and other subjects and earn extra money.

Teaching English as a secondary language is a side hustle that you can easily do at home during your free time. Most of your students will likely be from South Korea, China, and other Asian countries. Depending on the platform you’re in, the teaching sessions may be for groups of students or one-on-one.

3. Make Money Out of Your Teaching Materials

Did you know that sharing the lesson materials you’ve created online can earn you money? Yes, you heard it right—there are online platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers that pay you for uploading worksheets.

Creative materials assessments, printables, and lesson plans are some of the things you can make available online for a fee. Keep in mind that you can sell teaching materials at any grade level for any subject.

4. Upload Lecture Videos on YouTube

Besides sharing your teaching materials with others for a fee, you can also earn extra money from your lesson plans by discussing them and uploading a video of your lectures on YouTube. Many people now turn to YouTube to learn about anything. If your content proves helpful and your channel obtains more subscribers and viewers, it will allow you to make some revenue from YouTube advertisements.

5. Start a Blog

Since we’ve already talked about writing teaching-related materials, you should also know that starting a blog can also be a way for you to earn more money. Some of the ways to make money with a blog are displaying ads, creating eBooks and online courses on your blog, hosting sponsored content, writing guest posts, and earning affiliate income.

6. Freelance Proofreading

Detecting and correcting mistakes is one of a teacher’s primary skills—which can be useful if you want to make more money. Companies are willing to pay proofreaders well to edit copies on a project or contract basis.

Final Thoughts

Many teachers still live from paycheck-to-paycheck. Despite how crucial it is for educators not to be burned out because of financial problems and other issues so they can teach and care for students well, a second job or a side hustle is the only option for most. The good news is that there are legit ways that teachers can make more money, and the ones above are only some of the many options available.

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