7 Basketball Tips to Impress Your Friends

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Every one of us knows at least one person who is good at playing basketball. When we watch them play, it looks easy and flawless but most of us know that that ball isn?t so easy to handle. Practicing few things can help you become a better basketball player and trust me, you don?t have to practice the game for hours. Get ready to step up on that court!

  • Confidence Is the First Step

If you have confidence, half the battle is won. This can happen even if you know the skills but lack in confidence, you won?t be able to show your sportsmanship to the fullest. Stand straight while shooting, don?t just throw the ball, take some time before shooting or passing, stay active during the whole game, keep running, defend. All these things will show that you are a confident player.

  • Know the Rules

No one would take you as a player if you dribble, hold the basketball with both hands and start dribbling again. Because that?s a fowl. Knowing the basic rules acts as an advantage, since, not everyone is familiar with it. If you know what is wrong and what is right inside the court, people will respect you and count on you when the decision has to be made.

  • Practice the Basics

Whenever you are in a basketball court, try to practice the few basics like dribbling and shooting. We all know that practice makes a man perfect so practice as often as you can. You should know how to dribble a basketball, run while dribbling, gain control over the ball?s movement. These are not only the basics for the game, but also the most essential. It will go a long way in establishing you as a player.

  • Ace Your Strength

Once you are a bit regular in the court practicing the basics, try to understand what you are good at and what can be converted into your strength. If you think you are good at shooting, then practice shooting more often. If some other skill, then practice that particular skill so that none of your friends can do it better than you.

  • Be A Team Player

Basketball is team game so play it with your team. Let others take the lead when they want to. Pass that ball! And always communicate with your team members while playing. You are free, tell them, you want the pass, shout it out to them. Teamwork is the beauty of basketball so make your team work!

  • We All Make Mistakes

We are all humans, plus, we are not professional players, so we are bound to make mistakes. Learn to let go and concentrate on what needs to be done next. And help your team members do the same. Motivate them, shout things like ?good going?, ?we can do it?, ?never mind? etc. all through the game. That goes a long way in keeping your team together and keeping their morale level high.

  • Play For FUN

Even though basketball is a very competitive game, don?t forget the reason you and your friends decided to have a game. You guys wanted to have fun, right? So enjoy playing the game and don?t get too competitive. Never get aggressive in a friendly match. Your fellow players will avoid you if you make a big deal out of each and every loss. If you enjoy while playing the game, your friends will get attracted to YOUR WAY which is the FUN WAY.

Basketball is one of the most exciting games. Surely, it needs some skills but most of the skills that a person requires to be a good player has nothing to do with playing the game for hours. All the points mentioned above will help you impress your friends. So, the next time your friends plan a basketball game, don?t be an audience, be a player!

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