7 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Cozy and Organized

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Some people would say the living room is the heart of the home. It should embody your taste, your comfort, your personality, and set the tone in your home. Your living room is the area in which you relax after a long day and where you entertain guests and you spend countless hours in there compared to the other rooms in your house. This place is the epitome of coziness and warmth. You will want this area to catch the admiration of your guests while catering to your relaxation needs. 

A comfortable, organized, and cozy living room is a prerequisite for a happy home, which is why we’ve gathered 7 easy ways for you to achieve this!

1. Embrace Versatility

One of the biggest misconceptions of interior design is that everything must perfectly match. There are many situations wherein matching furniture and decorative items will prevail; however, when we opt for coziness, mismatching is key! Think of plain and simple couches and the effect multi-colored cushions have on enhancing that perfectly imperfect look. When you think about it, styling your home is all about learning how to rearrange those mismatched cushions to give your home the ultimate comfort feel. Making your living room embodies an eclectic style will encourage people to embrace relaxation and just kick back and relax. The secret to creating this eclectic style is to organize items such as cushions that don’t appear to have been curated at all.

2. A Little Stuffy Never Hurt Nobody 

So many people are adamant about creating a very spacious living room, but for the utmost comfort, this may not work in your favor. It’s okay to provide plenty of other seating arrangements around a coffee table. In fact, the odd armchair or ottoman might just give your home the cozy feel you want. Just like your cushions, a stuffy seating area can work if it’s unnoticeably curated to the point where your living room layout is seemingly effortless. 

3. Recognize When to Personalize 

If you want to walk into your home and feel a sense of warmth, then make your living room represent you and your personality. Include sentimental items on the coffee table or side tables, add cards you’ve received from friends and family displayed on a TV or wall unit, and display framed photographs of things and people you love. Personalized items really enhance the cozy spirit of your home. Just keep everything in moderation, and don’t go overboard or over clutter!

4. A Good Mixture of Texture 

Hard plastic throw pillows or coarse blankets are a big no-no. When you snuggle up on your couch, you want to be surrounded by soft and inviting textures; choose layers of various textiles for each of your pillows and complement them with a soft, fluffy blanket. Different pillows of different textiles give you a choice as well as the feeling of lounging into the cuddliest of cushiony pools. This theme also applies to carpets; you’d be surprised how fluffy, thick rugs enhance the coziness of a room. With these textiles, your home will embody an aura that is so inviting, and worth of curling up onto your couch with a good book!

5. Make It Just Right With Lights

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Overhead lights are great and definitely practical, but they just don’t scream “cozy!” Make your living room feel just right, with a selection of alternative lights; place lamps on either side of your couch, and even opt for a few candles on your shelves. There’s just something about a dimmer light that makes you feel cool, calm and collected. The allure of accent lighting also makes for a romantic setting!

6. It’s All About the Sofa

Your sofa really is the most valuable asset to your living room as it dictates where the rest of your furniture will fall into place, so do splurge on the coziest couch! Make sure the width and length will provide the utmost comfort for a lazy day and lounging session, and make sure it can easily fit your versatile cushions and throw pillows. 

7. Moderation Is Key 

Now we have shown you where to comfortably cozy it up. This does not mean that every aspect of the room should feel overloaded. You’ll want your home to also provide spacious areas to even out the layout. To avoid having a cluttered room, know when to pile it on from cushions to seating and when to tone it down. 

So there you have it! Seven easy ways to make your living room look cozy and organized. These are very affordable tips, and the secret is all in curating pieces that appear effortless! You can now revel in your new and improved cozy living room!

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