7 Effective Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Screens

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It would not be wrong to say that the use of phones, tablets and computers has increased immensely today. This means constantly looking at digital screens. So, how do digital screens affect your eyes? Researches point out that different problems, especially eye strain, occur in the eyes of those people who look at digital screens constantly. Our article discusses 7 effective tips to protect your eyes from digital screens. Visit best optical store in Singapore. You can protect your eyes by following these recommendations.

1.    Have Regular Check-ups

Regular eye examinations are extremely important in order to recognize potential problems beforehand. Although many people do not have regular eye check-ups, you should take care of it. During the examination, you can find out how much the computer and digital screens tire your eyes and how they affect them. In this way, you can look for different solutions.

2.    Reduce Glare Level

Intense light reflections are main causes of eye strain and other negative effects of digital screens. If you prevent this, the problem will be solved to a large extend. The easiest solution would be to install an anti-reflective guard on your computer and phone screens. Thanks to this anti-glare, the brightness your eyes are exposed to will be less.

3.    Prefer the Right Lighting

When the lighting in the environment is added in addition to the glare from the digital screens, the result will be much more negative. Especially if you are working in areas such as offices, the lighting level is quite high. The intense light emitted by the fluorescent lamps on the top will tire your eyes after a while. In addition, due to the wrong positioning of the computer, the light coming from the windows also tires the eyes.

It may be beneficial for your eyes if you slightly reduce the lighting level in such areas or in the room where your home computer is located. Because less glare means less eye strain.

4.    Make Image Settings

Computer and phone screens can be customized. Users can adjust the display settings according to their own preferences and change variables such as brightness, color temperature and contrast as they wish.

Focus on the brightness first when you make image adjustments. Make sure the brightness is equal to the ambient brightness. There is a simple way to find it out. First, bring a white image to your screen and look at the screen. If your screen looks like a light source, it’s bright. If it is too dim, it means that the brightness is too low this time.

Another important point is the color temperature. Color temperature is a term used to express the visible light spectrum. Color temperature is extremely important for the eye. If you adjust the color temperature to a level that does not bother you, your eyes will be much less tired.

5.    Do Eye Exercises

Looking and focusing constantly on the computer screen is not food for the eyes, which is one of the reasons for eye strain. What you need to do to prevent this problem is extremely simple. Yes, you can prevent eye fatigue very easily by doing eye exercises.

Eye exercises can be done in different ways. The simplest way to do this is to look at a location / object outside the computer screen and, if possible, at a distant location for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. When you repeat this throughout the day, your eyes will relieve your tiredness.

6.    Blink Your Eyes More Often

Blinking, which you can do very simply, will protect your eyes from digital screens. Blinking eyes prevents irritation and dryness as it moisturizes the eyes. It also cleans your eyes.

7.    Use Computer Glasses

Using computer glasses is one of the most effective methods of protecting your eyes from digital screens. First of all, remember that these glasses are not only accessories and they are developed to prevent problems in the eyes of those who look at digital screens.

Computer glasses have been developed completely to overcome digital screen disadvantages. Brightness and other harmful elements from the screen are completely blocked by these glasses. In addition, it is very successful in preventing different wavelengths of light, which are invisible and often not noticed. Protect your eyes with these glasses.

There are some lights in different colors coming directly into the eyes from digital screens, and blue light is one of them. Blue light causes eye strain. It is blocked thanks to the computer glasses to be used and thus the irritation in the eyes is prevented. On the official website of Muunel.com, you can find the glasses that best suit your needs and protect your eyes from harmful effects with these glasses.

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