7 Films That Will Turn You Vegan

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Finding a movie that will turn you vegan is nothing new, since veganism is becoming more and more popular among consumers. So, if you’re looking for a good reason why to quit meat for good, these seven films will stir you into the right direction. Now mind you: Some of these films will shock you; others will bring tears to your eyes; and others will change the way you think about food. 

  1. Cowspiracy

Kip Andersen’s work before What The Health, Cowspiracy centers around the negative impact agricultural farming has on the planet. Although the authority of the film has been heavily criticized by some, and that facts have been changed around to fit the narrative, it still leaves an impact on viewers. 

Animal agriculture is said to be the leading cause of various environmental problems that we face today, not transportation or electricity. In fact, animal agriculture accounts for water pollution, deforestation, species extinction, topsoil erosion, etc. Regardless, leading environmental organizations are blind to the issue; and Andersen learns why representatives are refusing to discuss the matter.

  1. What The Health

“Filmmaker Kip Andersen takes you on a journey of conspiracies surrounding health organization in What The Health,” says Hannah Steere, a lifestyle writer at UK writings and Elite assignment help. “While exposing the health consequences of meat and dairy consumption, and even organizations’ crafty efforts to cover them up, Andersen investigates their callous and monetary motives, and raises awareness of the foods that ultimately contribute to a global health crisis.”

  1. Okja

Okja follows a young girl and her pet pig named Okja. But when the evil Miranda corporation chooses Okja as the face of a new mass-farming initiative, the girl Mija embarks on a journey to rescue Okja, while people of various backgrounds try to stop her from doing so. While some of the movie is funny and quirky, its overall message is powerfully thought-provoking and tugs at the heart strings.

  1. Forks Over Knives

This documentary film attempts to unveil the truth about processed foods and oil, while advocating for a whole-food, plant-based diet to prevent various chronic diseases. This diet encourages people to eat more whole, plant-based foods such as fruits, legumes, and whole grains.

Forks Over Knifes follows the work of physician Caldwell Esselstyn and nutritional biochemistry Professor T. Colin Campbell, as they link certain diseases (cancer, diabetes, and heart disease) to the consumption of processed and animal-based food.

  1. Vegucated

Vegucated documents the lives of three New Yorkers (meat-eaters) who agree to learn about veganism, and commit to a six-week vegan diet. During the challenge, the three learn about the horrors of animal agriculture and dairy industries, as well as the implications that meat- and dairy-eating have on both health and the environment. 

  1. Vegan Everyday Stories

Vegan Everyday Stories follows four people from different backgrounds (an ultra-marathon runner, a cattle rancher’s wife, a food truck owner, and an eight-year-old girl) who are all vegan. Each have unique ways of living the vegan lifestyle, and gives you something to think about, while affecting some of your emotions.

The good news is that you don’t need a Netflix subscription to watch the movie. This film is free to watch online; so, be sure to check it out.

  1. Raw

“This horror film is sure to scare people from meat, or at least make them think twice about chowing down into a steak or burger,” says Robert Waters, a blogger at Essay Roo and OX Essays. “Raw tells a story of how a young veterinary student is slowly tempted to abandon her vegetarian status for the meat-eater status, but in a much disturbing way than one might think – a craving for flesh. If you can sit through to the end, then you’re fine. Either way, this movie has gotten universal acclaim, and has been named one of the best films in 2017.” 


As veganism takes the food culture by storm, more and more people (especially meat-lovers) are already being persuaded to go vegan, thanks to films liked these seven. Whether it’s witnessing graphic footage of animals suffering and beating abused in films like Okja, or discovering how animal agriculture is damaging the environment in others like Cowspiracy, these seven films may change the way you think about meat and dairy, and have you change your eating habits for the better.

Molly Crockett is writes for Do my assignment and Big Assignments. As a marketing writer, she shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her readers. She also works as an editor at Revieweal blog.

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