7 Seemingly Simple Requests From Your Children

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Many times, as parents, we know that our child is about to request something. They will waddle towards us. All shy, they lift their head and in a high pitched voice, utter:

“Mommy/Daddy can I have…”

Sometimes it’s a strict no. On some occasions, we only have to nod in agreement. Nonetheless, in several instances, we must take a moment to consider if granting the wish is a good idea or not.

I Want a Video Game Console

Children have always loved video games. It was just a matter of time before your kid would ask for a console. Video games are a meeting point for our children these days, and we would grant them this request. But always have an eye on the games your loved ones play. Not all of them are family-friendly.

But All My Friends Have It

Peer pressure is a powerful force in the life of every kid. They will tell us about this new shiny toy everyone has and then ask us to get one. But should you buy it?

Most “hot” things in a child’s life are temporary fads. We must judge if this trend will lose its appeal by the end of the week. If the answer is yes, then there is no shame in saying no.

I Want a Dog

Adopting a dog is like introducing a new member into your family. By getting one, you have ensured that your child always has a playmate. But dog ownership is more than just fun and games.

A dog has its needs. When unable to meet these needs, we should give up on the idea of our children having a furry friend.

I Want to Go to a Summer Camp

Our responsibility as parents is to prepare our children for the life waiting for them. We won’t be there always to wake them up for school or cook dinner.

They must become independent, and a summer camp can help. It is always hard to part from them for a more extended period, but one day, they will grow up.

I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna!!

Ads are all around us. And a good number of them is targeted at the youngest amongst us. Sometimes we will bend to their wishes, and sometimes we feel like treating them.

But we must know when to draw a line. This kind of no teaches our youngsters the value of things they don’t own. They will also learn not to take disappointments too harsh.

I Want a New Computer

We live in an age where life without computers is unimaginable. They are a source of entertainment and powerful tools your kids will, sooner or later, use. But the story doesn’t end with buying a computer. Now and then you should sit down with them and guide them on how to use the machine.

But I Like It When You Do It

We have been there for our kids since their beginnings. They got used to our help and might ask for it despite being capable of doing the task by themselves. While there is nothing wrong in lending a hand to them, we can’t make a habit out of it. By denying them help on occasions, we will teach them to work and think independently.  

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest dilemmas for parents is walking the fine line between spoiling our children and being too strict. The best way to handle most requests is to weigh out the idea then ask your child to work for it. This way, you can teach responsibility and gratitude without saying no.

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