7 Skills Your Child Can Learn from Legos

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Knowledge doesn’t always have to come from books. When it comes to children, they have the least attention span. That’s why they learn much more from personal experience while playing rather than from the words of the books. You can use the play time to make them understand mechanisms, teach practical skills and impart values. Lego is one of the best options to achieve that, it’s not just a toy to keep your child busy, it can serve to teach your child a whole lot of things. So, make use of that play time with your kid.child playing with legos

  1. Gains Basic Knowledge

While playing with Legos you can teach your child about colors and shapes through their appearance. Then you can move to a higher level, using Legos to teach the basics like ABC’s and 123’s etc. After that, you can teach them shapes and their difference by using different Legos. And all these sessions won’t be boring for the kids and it will lead to a better grasp of things that you are teaching.

  1. Inspires Creativity

Legos are all about creativity, a child thinks, plans, builds and learns. When they have lots of Lego and no instructions or plans to be followed, their imagination runs wild. They get the freedom to build anything they want and may even end up making something that will amuse you. Legos inspire your kids to practice their imagination. Check out Lego Ways to see what more you can do with your kid in the Lego time.

  1. Encourages Teamwork

Playing is fun when you have company. And when you have a company you learn to get along in a team. When children are playing together with a limited number of Legos, they learn to divide responsibilities and duties, sharing the resources for a common purpose, contributing individual effort to add to the collective goal and the benefit of working as a team. These co-operative skills that the kids learn will contribute to the overall child development.

  1. Promotes Planning Skills

Playing with Legos will definitely develop and improve planning skills in your child. With so many Lego pieces around and an idea in mind, they will learn that they have to plan and then build that beautiful house piece by piece. When faced with a problem they will look for ways to solve it, thus learn problem-solving techniques. These lessons will be very helpful during their whole life.

  1. Teaches Patience and Persistence

Not all efforts will yield results, sometimes there are other ways and sometimes it requires more than a hundred percent, all these important lessons will be learned when that Lego building starts falling apart. These type of situations will teach your child to be patient while facing difficulties and to be persistent in their efforts. They will learn to work their way through obstacles to achieve their motive.

  1. Develops Communication Skills

Children playing with Legos in a group or with elders develop communication skills early as they start communicating their ideas, explaining their work, talk about their challenges and possible solutions with others. They learn to become more expressive getting immersed in joyful conversations and those skills will go a long way.

  1. Improves Confidence

Legos can do a lot to build confidence and self-esteem in your child from a very young age. While playing there are no grades to be attained so they practice individuality and that develops their confidence. And when they finish their imagined product, it brings them joy for their efforts and a sense of accomplishment.

A child needs to learn things through real-life situations rather than from words. The age is such that they have very high learning capacity but all they want to do is play. Lego combines those two things so you can be sure that your child is neither missing out on fun nor knowledge.

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