7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

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This is it. It is time to actually plan the day you likely have been dreaming of since you were a little girl pretending the curtains were your veil. You have found the perfect man, got the perfect ring, and now you get to go and pick the perfect dress. Getting an amazing wedding dress can seem overwhelming. There are so many types and styles to choose from. You have to pick a budget, find a dress that is flattering, all while planning other details of your big day. But don’t worry! Following these seven tips can help you to decide what you really want in a wedding dress and find it!!!

Feel Your Best

When you are taking your walk down the aisle, of course you will want all eyes on you. While it is important that you look amazing, you also want to feel amazing. Danielle LaPorte, the creator of the Desire Map, states, “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have”. This applies to picking out your perfect wedding dress too!

You must decide how you want to feel in your wedding dress. Do you want to feel like a Princess? Do you want to feel sexy? Do you want to feel happy? Knowing how you expect to feel in your wedding dress will help you to know when you have tried on “the one”. It will make you feel how you want to feel.

Decide on Your Style

You have a built-in style map at your fingertips. It is time to take a look at your closet. Your closet contains a key to determining what your style is. Look at your favorite outfits and decide why you love them so much. Is it that they make you feel confident and sexy? Do you love their clean lines and simple looks? Or maybe you like a more Bohemian style with lots of lace and angel sleeves? Looking at the styles you already love and feel great in will help you to get an idea of what wedding dress styles you may like as well.

Keep an Open Mind

Dresses look different on a hanger than they do on your body. Just because you hate it when it is hanging up does not mean you will hate it when you put it on. Spend some time experimenting with different dress types and styles to help you get to your perfect dress.

Set Some Boundaries

It is important to decide on some parameters while picking out your wedding dress. The first boundary you need to set your budget. It does not good to find a dress that you love if you cannot afford it. When you set a budget, you can look at dresses that will fit in it and narrow down the field some.

Also, set some boundaries so you do not get overwhelmed when picking out a dress. Decide how many dresses and how long you want to spend on each trip you spend looking for wedding dresses. Also, decide who you want with you to look for wedding dresses, and stick to it. If you have a toxic friend or family member that tries to butt in, you can firmly say no when you have already set the boundary in your mind.

Go Online

Do not be afraid to search for your perfect wedding dress online. You can sit down, make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea!) and scroll through dresses on sites such as luvbridal.com.au. You can see the dresses on models and read about them. You also can look for accessories and bridesmaids dresses at the same time. You can even order your dress while never having to leave your house!

Get a Second Opinion

It is always good to have a trusted friend or family member to check out a dress with you. They will see what everyone else will see when you are walking down the aisle, so will be able to give you some perspective while picking out your dress. While it is good to take other people’s opinions and ideas into account, do not let this deter you if you know you have found the perfect dress. You know what you want and what will make you happy better than anyone else does.

Get the Right Size

With your wedding coming up, you likely are trying to lose a few pounds. You may be thinking about ordering a wedding dress in your goal size as a motivation to lose weight. The issue is that if you do not make your goal size, then you have a dress you love and have spent money on that you cannot use. This will lead to last-minute stress you do not need.

It is better to pick a dress in your current size and then have it altered when you lose weight. You can always have your dress taken in, but if your dress is too small to begin with, there is no way to let it out.

I hope you have a great time picking out an amazing wedding dress for your big day! Whether you buy in-store or online, pick a princess style dress or a streamlined cut, you deserve to look and feel beautiful. Hopefully, these tips will help you to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Remember, it took time to find the right man; it will also take time to find the right dress, so have fun while you are looking!

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