7 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

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A wedding is a lot of things. It’s a chance for everyone to have fun and celebrate the fruition of a new relationship. It’s also a chance for the bride and groom to express their personalities to beloved relatives and friends. Many couples want a theme that is fun and tells the world what is most important to them personally. Here are a few things to consider as you plan that ideal day. Think about your backgrounds, shared interests, honeymoon plans and the kind of people, places, and things that make you and your spouse happy.

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Chosen Professions

Many couples have spent years getting an education and preparing themselves for a place in the professions. A wedding offers a chance to celebrate these accomplishments and remind themselves what they like best about work and their chosen field. A bride who’s chosen medicine can decorate her tables with items like the caduceus and a stethoscope. A groom who loves the world of business can take his cue from this field as well. He can bring in the theme that like a cake decorated with their textbooks. Ask guests to donate to a favorite charity that is related in some way to these fields.

That First Date

Every couple has a first date story. Bring yours to life at your wedding day. Now is the time to celebrate the beginning of your relationship and just how far it’s come. Think about where you went and what you ate. If you went to a play or a movie, use that as a starting point for the theme you have in mind for the wedding. Put up posters that reference the movie you saw. If you took pictures on that first date, reach in your camera and bring them with you. Create a collage of pictures of you and your spouse on that first date to show guests. Leave space for guests to add additional photographs and comments about the first days of your growing relationship.

Your relationship has a wonderful history. You want to remind people of it on a day when that relationship is about to come to a wonderful culmination. Remind everyone of the happy memories you’ve already had.

The Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a crucial part of any wedding plan. It’s a good idea to start planning the honeymoon as soon as you start planning the wedding. Your wedding planning can combine both the wedding planning and the time after it at the same time. Use your honeymoon plans as inspiration for the wedding itself. Take a theme from the place you have in mind.

For example, if you are going to head to another country like Thailand or Vietnam, use that country as a theme for your wedding. Think about the area’s climate, the kind of food served and all the places you plan to see there. You can have a wedding that reminds guests of lazy days spent atop a beach and nights at a disco dancing with your partner. Think about the unique aspects of the destination and celebrate that culture before you leave. Serve Chinese or Thai food. Decorate the tables with flowers native to the area. If you’ve never been to that country before, you can have fun learning about it great detail before you leave.

Literary Inspiration

Shared literary interests bring people together. If you’re fans of Harry Potter, bring this theme to life on your wedding day. Serve appetizers and other wedding foods that bring the story to your guests. A wedding feast that starts with items like ham and chicken pie, Bouillabaisse, lamb chops, and Yorkshire pudding is a great idea. End it with a selection of desserts from the series such as pumpkin pasties, chocolate trifle tart. Guest can toast you with glasses of butterbeer. Ask your bridesmaids to wear dresses that reflect the color of their Hogwarts house.

Rustic Nature

Nature makes a wonderful place for a wedding. Choose it as a background and theme for your wedding. If you’re holding a wedding outdoors in a natural setting like the beach, a field or a local park, bring that theme to your wedding. Create wedding favors from items you might find at the shore such as seashells. Use wildflowers for your guests to hold and admire as they participate with you.

You can also bring this theme inside any indoor wedding venue. Decorate the interior of the space with beautiful wreaths at each table of the wedding. The endless display of color will make any wedding come alive with nature and light.

Victorian Era

Many people have an era that calls to them. Consider eras in history that appeal to your inner sense of style. You might love the idea of the 1920’s and the flapper with long lines and lovely Art Deco items. You might also love the fun of the Victorian era when many wedding modern wedding traditions began. This is when Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress a standard for many brides. Bring out the horse-drawn carriages to bring you to the wedding venue and the ornate flower arrangements that were a staple of the period.

Winter Wonderland

If you and your spouse love nothing more than skiing, snowboarding and ice skating all year long, bring that theme to your guests on your wedding day. Winter wonderful is all about a welcome world of cool shades of white and blue. You can use the theme to create things like faux icicles along with a real ice sculpture in the lobby. Ask your bridesmaids to dress in classic winter patterns and colors like deep red and tartan taffeta. Create cookies decorated with miniature hockey sticks and other winter sports you and your spouse really like. Serve hot soups and a selection of roast meat.

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