7 Tips To Make Your Home More Pet Friendly During Quarantine

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Pets are some of the loveliest companies to have during this ongoing pandemic. The worldwide lockdown has become one of the most stressful times for many. Many mental health experts believe that this is the perfect time to foster or adopt a pet.

A dog or a cat can help one feel a lot better during these stressful times. These animals can help one battle loneliness, depression, or even be there to keep you busy and give a company. However, before bringing in a new four-legged member home, it is essential to make some crucial changes in and around your home.

These pet-friendly alterations will not only make your life easier but also help in keeping them safe and sound. Rather than going over complete makeover, why not make small and significant changes that can save you money and effort.

The seven perfect tips to make your home more pet friendly without needing to spend too much effort or money includes

  • Rearrange your breakables and fragile items far away from their reach

Dogs and cats always have a greater affinity for jumping, running, and climbing things. Exploring every nook and cranny is their favorite pastime. This makes fragile items one of the most common victims. Locked cabinets aside, stowing them at higher spots is the simplest of solutions that are both effective and easy.

  • Place Locks and lids on your pantry section, waste bin, and refrigerator.

Most pets loved scavenging through anything. Food storage areas and wastebaskets are their all-time favorite spots. Placing locks on all the pantry cabinets and refrigerators will keep them away. In addition to that, tight lids on the waste bin will prevent them from scattering the dirt and mess up your home or kitchen.

  • Get a good and powerful vacuum cleaner specialized in cleaning pet hair.

A common problem with pets is the fine hair and fur flying all around. Simple cleaning is never effective enough.

Special pet vacuum cleaners are available that should be purchased for homes with pets. The best canister vacuum cleaner can even pull out fine hairs from the deepest and corners of the house quickly.

  • Use upholstery that does not attract fine hair and furs

Fabrics like velvet, cotton, etc. are known to attract fur easily. Cleaning these fine pet hairs from the upholsteries can become a significant headache. Replacing them with leather, resin, or any other such hair resistant upholstery material will be very helpful in the long run.

  • Place a pet bed or a comfortable chair near the window.

Pets are curious beings. Exploring the world around them is their favorite pastime. Strategic placement of their bed around a large window with an unobstructed view can keep them seated and calm for a very long time.

Pets love a picturesque view as much as we humans do. A window-side bed will ensure they get enough good view of the world outside without wanting to run away anytime you have the doors open.

  • Use metallic furniture

Pets tend to bite, scratch, and chew anything. This becomes a significant issue when they are having mood swings or seeking attention or being hyperactive. The victim is generally the chairs, sofas, and other such corners that can be easily torn apart.

However, biting and chewing metallic furniture is not an easy task. Replacing wood and other soft material furniture with metallic ones can reduce the cost of furniture replacement every other month.

  • Avoid indoor plants

Digging and rolling on mud and grass is something animals love to do. In addition to that, being able to chew and tear apart leaves and barks easily makes them excited. Their love for exploring anything and everything can be hazardous to plants and flowers especially.

In case you do have an indoor plant, you will have to see it being killed. To avoid a bigger mess, it is best to either give it to someone else or place it outdoors, somewhere far from your pet’s reach.

Pets like cats and dogs have their unique character traits, just like us humans. However, they have a mental age similar to that of a 7 to 9 yrs old child. That is the reason why patience is the key to building a great rapport with your pets.

All they want is to be near you, love you and play with you. What can be better than spending some quality time during Quarantine time with your pets within your pet-friendly home’s sanctity?

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