7 Ways To Give Yourself A Spa Day At Home This Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again! The holiday season has arrived, and you’re probably thinking about what gifts to get your friends and family. Why not give yourself a gift too? Everyone loves pampering themselves every once in a while, so why not do it at home this Christmas? Here are 7 ways to give yourself a spa day at home

1. Have a warm bath

Nothing quite sets that relaxation into motion like a nice soak in the tub. If you’re careful, however, you can turn this simple act into your own spa day completely free of charge! To begin with, try adding some Epsom salts to your bath for an extra relaxing experience–not only do Epsom salts give you added magnesium for more soft and glowy skin, but they also help relieve aching muscles and soothe minor aches and pains.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing is another must-have for any spa day routine; after all, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized will keep it looking healthy and fresh. Switching to a new moisturizer halfway through the day is the perfect way to make sure you’re getting even coverage–not only does this ensure that your skin is moisturized, but it’ll also ensure that the day’s products don’t mix and create an unpleasant reaction! Don’t forget to cleanse your face before applying a moisturizer; after all, you wouldn’t want any dirt or grime interfering with its effects.

3. Have a Manicure

Manicures are an absolute must-do for any spa day routine–after all, who doesn’t deserve some time to pamper their nails? DIY nail kits are the perfect way to treat yourself, and who better to do it than you? Pick up some tools like a cuticle remover or even nail clippers before beginning; after all, there’s no sense in spoiling your DIY efforts with raggedy nails. If you want professionals to do the work for you, consider sprucing up your nails with some ornate nail art or textured polish–the more effort, the better!

4. Pamper Your Paws

Pedicures are another major player in any spa day–after all, they’re responsible for carrying you around everywhere you go! The best way to make yourself feel worthy of walking down the street in bare feet is to give them a pampering session. For this, you’ll need some tools: before beginning, gather up any clippers and files that might be necessary for your pedi; after all, you can’t achieve smooth and moisturized feet without the right equipment! After shaping and filing your footsies into perfection, take some time to massage lotion into your feet.

5. Refresh with Facials

One of the best ways to give yourself a spa day is with a good, old-fashioned facial! Carefully exfoliate your face and neck before beginning to remove any dead skin cells that might be hanging around; after all, this will ensure that your face’s complexion is smooth and even. Next, massage a nourishing facial mask into your face and neck. After ten minutes, remove the mask and carefully wipe any excess off with a damp cloth–facial masks can leave stubborn puddles on your face if you don’t properly rinse them off!

6. Pamper Your Hair

Who doesn’t love a good hair mask? A properly-made mask will give your locks the TLC they deserve, and can even work wonders for split ends and dry skin. After shampooing, towel dries your hair before applying a nourishing mask–if you’re lucky enough to own an electric towel dryer, this will cut your drying time in half! If you like, add a few drops of nourishing oil to the mask for added shine and smoothness. After ten minutes (or however long your particular mask requires), remove it and rinse thoroughly with cool water; this will help lock in moisture.

7. Get Glowing

One of the best parts of a good pampering session is the glowing complexion you get after all your hard work! Masks and scrubs are great for this, but don’t stop there–take some time to add an extra layer of moisture by spritzing on a mist or adding a nourishing cream. Facials will also help give your skin a radiant look, which is perfect for your day-to-day beauty routine. Do make sure to finish off by adding an SPF–after all, no one wants sun damage to their complexion!

There are tons of ways to give yourself a spa day at home, but giving yourself the gift of pampering is one way that never fails to surprise and delight like planning your Holiday outfits paired with dip Christmas nails. Whether you’re treating yourself or simply want to save some money, these tried-and-true activities are great for everyone–not to mention that they make the perfect gifts!

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