7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, it’s time to think about preparing your home for the winter months. These seven steps will cover all the most important tasks to keep your home cozy and secure no matter what the winter throws at you.

The first thing to do is be realistic about your finances and what you can afford to do to your home this winter. For example, any work you need carried out get estimates and total up all the costs before starting. It might be that you can afford it all from your savings, but if not look at things like extending or remortgaging your house, check an online comparison service to make sure you get the best price.

Tune Up Your Heating System

The last thing you need is an expensive heating malfunction in the middle of winter. Even if your heating appears to be in good working order and isn’t giving you any problems, the wise homeowner will arrange an inspection well ahead of the coldest months. An annual tune-up is also recommended in order to keep your system working at peak efficiency. This will keep your house toasty and your heating bills down. There are a lot of winterizing tasks that you can do yourself but tuning up your heating system isn’t one of them. Check an online comparison site to find competitive HVAC services near you. Don’t forget to check out energy-efficient electric radiators as a possible option for your home.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams are often seen as “just one of those things,” a part of living in a snowy region. However, you can cut down or even eliminate ice dams with good insulation and ventilation in your attic. Close up any gaps where warm air is leaking into your attic. Get an expert in to check your attic insulation level. If you don’t already have roof and soffit vents, have them installed now.

Hit the Roof

While you’re in the attic, check for any leaks in the roof. Make sure your roof and gutters are clean and free of debris. Get the gutters cleared and fixed by professionals if need be. Roofers Glasgow are also available to help you for keeping your roof and gutters clean. If you have any trees overhanging your roof, get the branches removed to prevent damage in high winds.

Caulk Around Windows and Doors

Check round all your doors and windows for gaps and fill these in with caulk. You should also check around pipes or cables that exit your home from the inside, as gaps around these can let in cold air and let out heat.

Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Exterior faucets should be turned off at the shutoff valve. Got outside and open the faucet to drain off water still in the pipe, then take off the bleeder cap from the shutoff valve and drain the water off there, too.

Call a Chimney Sweep

Getting your chimney sweep winnipeg and flues properly cleared is important to prevent blockages, fires and CO buildup inside your home. You want to discover that bird’s-nest before you light your first fire, not afterwards.

Restock Winter Essentials

Make sure your home is well-supplied with fuel ahead of the winter. Ensure that you have an alternative method to stay warm if you rely on gas or electricity, such as or firewood or kerosene. You should also check your emergency supplies and make sure you’re ready if the worst happens and you’re snowed in for a while.

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