70’s Fashion Raging Amongst Youth in 2020

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2020 is going to be a new beginning to start with something huge in fashion. We all love the trend of the 70s, and they still dictate the cuts and colors of the new age. The best thing about the 70s style is the relaxed fit with a great look. We know there is always some space for new clothes in our wardrobe. This time you should go for something that makes a comeback from the 70s to 2020. We have a list of fashionable clothes that you should consider buying to be a fashion gangsta.

9 Best 70s fashion that you should try in 2020

1. Flared or long bottom pants

You know we are going to start with this. This one is the most loved fashion of the 70s, which is again in buzz. Denim jumpsuit and bomber jackets paired with some graphic t-shirts give a smoldering look. Also, the bell puffed sleeves remain in trend, especially in the spring-summer season. If you are a fashion freak, then you should try all these. Even you can try pairing such denim and others with some bright colors that may look cool. Try out!!

2. Short Suits

Short suits mean we are talking, especially about the one that looks like Bermuda. They are always in fashion, and you may see their different styles. It will give a warm weather-ready look and importantly keeps you comfortable. You can paint them with a variety of footwear like sandals, sandals, or mules. Some of these short suits can be paired with a blazer, and seriously it looks excellent.

3. Striped dressing

We usually see striped shirts, t-shirts, pants, and many other cool dresses with this patter. The striped dressing is unique and different and looks impressive if appropriately matched. The vertical ones are the most loved ones than other patterns of strip lines. Now here is the thing: try pairing stripes with leopard print, it is mind-boggling.

4. Skinny t-shirt

This one is something that every girl should have, and it gives a sassy look. The skinny t-shirt fits your body and keeps your curves look sexier. You need to have this, especially if you are a party animal. Skinny ribbed t-shirts have always remained in buzz since the 70s. You can explore more about them on online stores like craftsvilla. Such online stores also have offers like Craftsvilla coupons so that you can save well on your buyings.

5. Long design collars

Long design collars or the exaggerated collars, they look amazing if paired with flared or groovy denim. Long collars shirts always look best, and you need to pair it up with the right pants. The long and pointy design adds something extra when layered under a blazer. This is one of the best from the 70s that is seriously raging young people. It would be best if you got ready with proper pairing fashion, and you are on. 

6. Polka-dots

They are from the late 70s, or you can say early 80s, that doesn’t matter. The print is something like dots on the entire clothes. It is a solid-colored item that balances out your complete outfit. Polka-dots can be paired with plain leather pants, or something that you think may suit well like zebra print. If you don’t want to wear them like a fashion material, you can also polka dot t-shirts for regular use.

7. Hot Pants

These hot pants are surely going to be the hot fashion of this year. You can start buying some of the denim pairs. These are very comfortable and fashionable, and it surely keeps you in the trend. One of the facts is in early times people tried to ban them, but somehow they escaped and now again hits the fashion street.  

8. Retro Bags

Retro Bags are seriously one of the best things to have to enhance your fashion. They are available in quite amazing designs and colors. You have a gamut to choose, and literally, they all are unique. Another best thing is that they are not much expensive, it can start from a minimum of 300 INR and go up to expensive. It depends on you what you like and what you want.  

9. Puffed Sleeves

The puffed sleeves fashion may seem awkward, but trust me, it is amazing. The best thing is that they don’t have any fashion boundaries. They look amazing that you will love the way they look. It can easily give you a professional and a thinner appearance. Even you can have the floral print in it, and that seriously offers quite an impressive presentation.


So, here is the list of some of the best 70s fashion that can catch your eye. 2020 is the year that will surely rage Among youth. The list will help you find the best fashion outfits that you need to have in your wardrobe. You need to have some of these items in your wardrobe. Go beyond your fashion and find the one best for you. 

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