8 Activities That You Can Do With Kids That Won’t “Bore” Them

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Here’s the truth, a family vacation is mostly about the adults having a great time and the kids “just spending time, not really enjoying it”. 

It can be difficult for kids to stay entertained at times. Many end up playing video games and lazing around during holidays. This is certainly not what you’d want. 

While family vacations can be a wonderful idea, kids get bored of travelling and lose interest in new places.

However, this list is going to prove the above notion otherwise. We have shared fun activities you can do with your kids outdoors that won’t bore them. 

Take a look. 

Rock climbing

Children love rock climbing. It is challenging but fun. Rock climbing offers them both mental and physical health benefits. However, parents must teach their children safety rules to ensure that climbing becomes more enjoyable.

You should ensure that your child is supervised at all times by an adult or a trainer. You should also confirm with the club/organisation that safety equipment is provided for your child. 

If you are unsure whether your child will be able to rock climb, there is an alternative. Wall climbing, on the other hand, can be done indoors.


Trekking can be a great way to test your kid’s stamina and make them confident about accomplishing tasks. It also offers adventure for your child and teaches him about the natural world. 

Many clubs offer trekking opportunities for children in groups. The best part? Some clubs allow parents to join their children on these treks.

You can enrol your champ for either a half-day trek or overnight camp. Make sure your child is over five years to trek. There isn’t a fixed age rule for this, but kids younger than five years may find it difficult to get through. 

River crossing

Want to feel the thrill and fun with your little champ at the same time? River crossing can be the way to go. 

However, make sure you cross the river by walking on the rope attached to either bank. For adults, river crossings are usually done where there is a strong current. However, for children, trainers make sure that river crossings are made on rivers with less current.


Rappelling allows you to descend a rope from a high cliff. Adventure clubs organise rappelling indoors for children. You could also take your child rappelling if they love wall climbing or rock climbing.

Your Outdoor Play Area

A special outdoor play space can make your backyard just as exciting and adventurous as a trip to exotic destinations. 

You can build sandboxes, treehouses, hammocks, and tire swings. Or you can create a mud-kitchen den, an outdoor space with bowls, utensils and water. 

There are many other ways to encourage exploration and sensory play in your home. To stimulate your child’s imagination, you can also set up an obstacle course, a bear cave or wild animal safari, or create a whimsical setting like a gnome garden or bear cave. 

Rainbow bubbles are also a great way to make a lasting impression.


With this activity, your children will develop a love for nature. To make your kids learn bird-watching:

  1. Ask them to look at birds from all angles and not just the ground.
  1. Help them learn about the birds of your area.
  1. Always carry a pair of binoculars with you every time you go outside with your child. You can survey trees, bushes and telephone poles for feathered friends.
  1. Pay attention to the behaviour, colours, and size of birds. If you have younger kids, ask them what they see, while older children can write it down.

This way, they will be able to identify the birds when they see them in books or online. A bird feeder, birdbath, or nest box can attract birds to your yard.

Camp Kitchen

Playing “campfire” with your child in the backyard is a great way to introduce your kid to cooking. Involve your little chef in packing the play pots and pans, rubber chicken, and any other items into your backpack. Then, go out to collect firewood and make a “fire”, and start cooking. 

Dirt Biking

Yes, Dirt Biking for kids is a thing. 

There are mini dirt bikes that you can gift your children and encourage them to ride on them. These bikes are made to suit young children and are harmless. Dirt riding will enhance your kid’s decision-making skills in addition to giving them the thrill of a lifetime. 

However, make sure you don’t let them ride without proper gear like kids Motocross helmets, boots, Goggles and chest protectors. 

Now that you know fun activities that will keep your kids hooked up, which activity is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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