8 Best Ways to Decorate Cakes at Home

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Making cakes is a striking combo of science and art. You need a particular ratio of flour to give it a good rise. At the same time, you need a stellar d or to ensure it excites the taste buds and catches all eyeballs at the party.

Some prefer to fancy up the outside with candy or fruit. Meanwhile, others learn layering tricks to make the insides shine. If you are one of those parents looking to make your kid’s day extra special by surprising them with a home-baked cake, you are at the right place.

This collection includes easy and simple ways to decorate cakes at home

Rose Swirls

Beautiful rose swirls are perfect for every occasion. You can put it straight on cakes or cupcakes using buttercream.

Sieve the icing sugar into softened butter and whisk or beat to combine. Ensure the mixture is pretty firm to keep its shape and not too hard. Next, you can chill or leave it at room temperature as required. 

Here is how to create rise swirls: Cut 5mm or 8mm from the tip of the piping bag. Pop the star tip nozzle at its place, so it is snug and pleasant. Ensure there are no air bubbles by squeezing the buttercream towards the tip. Use the hand you use for writing and press the cream downwards. Use your other hand to hold the base of this bag and rotate it as a pipe. Start at the middle of the cake and swirl anti-clockwise. 

And voila! A beautiful buttercream rose is right there! 

Flowers – Fresh and Crystal

Give your cake a spring feel by giving it a floral look. Flowers make your cake look fresh and breezy. All you have to do is tie bunches of flowers together and put them around the edge or sprinkle rose petals on the buttercream.

You can use the flowers as they are or crystallize them. Whisk an egg white if you wish for the latter. Use a paintbrush to apply the egg white on the flower, petal, or leaf. Sprinkle the castor sugar or shake away the excess. Keep a tray lined with the baking parchment and leave it overnight in a warm, dry place. 

A much-needed tip: We won’t recommend you eat the flowers unless you have ensured they are edible. Get them from a reliable shop. Eating flowers from your garden can give you tummy trouble.

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Drip Cake

There is something about imperfect perfection that we crave. Maybe that is why drip cakes are so in these days. This decoration technique is relatively simple.

For starters, frost the cake and give it a smooth finish with the bench scraper. You can use a palleted knife or a spatula for the edges. You can press the sides of the blade or spatula on the cake and lift it through the surface if you want to give it a feathered look.

Next, make a ganache with baking or chocolate chips. When it cools, spoon it atop the cake with the back of your spoon. Push the ganache to the edges and watch as it drips down the sides to form tempting drips.

Naked Cake

A naked cake is the layering style that keeps the external layer with a thin frosting. It is perfect for a noob who has little knowledge about décor and fondants.

These cakes give you a slight hint of what is inside. You can use any recipe you like for this cake. It could be a classic yellow, strawberry, or vanilla. Also, check out the top trending cake flavors to excite your friends or family. 

Just make sure that the cake is sturdy enough to stack. As the cake is visible, your choice will determine the final outlook. You could color the layers with a natural food dye to infuse your distinct creativity in the cake.

One of the reasons why naked cakes are all the rage these days is because there is no need for complex buttercreams. Any frosting that is spreadable and retains its shape will work. Initiate by leveling the cake layers. Use a sharp knife to cut the domed top and ensure that the surface is even. Put layers of frosting in between. Then apply the outer frosting thinly and pull extra icing using the bench scraper.

You can use fruits or sprinkles to give it an extra finish. 

Use Chocolate Bars

You can use your favorite chocolate all over the cake to enhance its look. Stick it on the cake when the frosting is wet. Put a little pressure to stick it around the edges. We believe that chocolate cigars are the winners for this part. Finish the cake with a ribbon facing upwards. 

Sprinkles and More

You can never go wrong with sprinkles or other colorful toppings. If you are running out of time, sprinkles could be your lifesaver. You can top your cake with a dash of sprinkles from the fridge and put on other edible decorations too. You can also use other decoration techniques, including piped roses or chocolate drips.

Don’t forget the enticing qualities of the roasted nuts. You could also go for shredded coconuts, cookie crumbles, and chopped candies. Use either one or all to add extra dazzle to your cakes. These multi-colored sugar sprinkles combined with buttercream can turn your cake into a colorful dream.

Pro tip: Pay attention to the occasion. What is the favorite color of your child? Or what event is it? A red and white sprinkle would be perfect for Christmas. You can even go for mini sprinkle snowcones or flowers to enhance the look.

Desiccated Coconut

When you press coconut shreds on the surface and sides of the cake, it will look and taste much better. All you have to do is spread the icing around the cake and push it towards the edge. Next, pour several cups of shredded coconut into a bowl. Sprinkle the coconut shreds on the surface of the cake in a neat layer. 

Coconut is a healthier version of sugar sprinkles and sweets. It is light so that it can be a part of almost all cakes. From creamy flavors like lemon and vanilla to the more decadent flavors like chocolate and carrot – it can cover practically any cake and makes it extra delicious. 

Piped Designs and Written Messages

One of the main reasons people prefer buying cakes from bakeries is the perfect font they use to write little notes. Let us tell you the best part; these are not so tough to imitate at home. You need a piping bag and some confidence that you can do it!

If you are new to piping, do a test run on a sheet of waxed paper to see how frosting flows out of the bag. A wax paper is often part of a cake decorating kit. Trace the design and put it on top of your cake. Use a toothpick to make holes for a dot-to-dot of your message. Carefully remove the paper and connect the dots with frosting. 

You can go for free-hand writing once you are a pro at it.

Parting Note There are no rules on how to go about each of these decoration ideas. Jog your creative cells and make sure you can pull off the designs that pop up in your brain. A little mess once is a lesson for a lifetime. So, don’t fret if that happens!

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