8 Creative Ways to Display Graduation Pictures

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As graduation season gets closer, you might be wondering how you can show off all the wonderful pictures your graduate will take. Many graduates take cap and gown photos with their school, formal suit or dress photos with a professional company or even have some informal, fun photos around campus or another area with a local photographer. Photos are great for helping to cement memories of a moment in your brain, so it makes sense why many like to take pictures to commemorate completing education milestones. Whether you’re a parent who wants to show off your child’s achievement or you’re a graduate looking for a way to feature your graduation pictures in your office or home, here are some creative ways you can display your graduation photos!

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1. Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are one of the simplest ways you can display photos of any kind. For graduates, this can allow you to show off all their formal and informal graduation photos. Even the pictures of them walking across the stage to accept their diploma or walking with their friends out after turning their tassel.

If you’re displaying your own graduation photos, consider framing them all around your diploma. Think about that as your focal point, and then add photos around it. Choose photos of different sizes and layouts for your gallery wall. Some might even include non-graduation photos as part of their wall. Pictures from sports teams, photos with friends you met at school and even pictures while on school trips can be added to your gallery wall. You can easily place all your graduation photos in fun personalized graduation frames to make your gallery wall feel even more unique.

2. Commemorate it with an ornament

Did you know that you can put photos on many ornaments? Yep, that’s definitely a thing. It’s a great idea, too, especially for recent graduates. Recent grads are often moving into their first space after they complete school, so an ornament displaying one of their graduation pictures and the year they completed school is not only a great way to display their grad photos but is also a great graduation gift. This way, they’re sure to have something to put on their tree, especially if they don’t have any holiday decor to take with them on their post-grad journey.

3. Create a blanket collage

What’s more fun than a photo blanket? For the graduate who has a sense of humor, a plush blanket with a blown-up graduation photo of them is a fun gift to give that also allows them to show off their accomplishment. If your graduate would think the whole thing is a little corny, you can always do a collage of photos from the graduation and college experience to make things a bit more palatable. No matter what, it’s a fun way to congratulate the graduate while also displaying one or two of the graduation pictures.

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4. Print it on a t-shirt

Now’s the time to be those people who wear t-shirts with others’ pictures printed on them. You’ve got a graduate in the family! It’s important you show off their accomplishment, especially if they’re the first in the family to do so. Get a t-shirt printed with their graduation photo, school, and graduation year all included on it. Have a set printed to wear at the graduate’s party or even to graduation itself. This will be a great way to show support for your graduate and get others in on the fun. You can print multiple photos or just choose one

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