8 Foods to Avoid With Arthritis

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Just like any other disease, arthritis also comes with its fair share of pain and emotional trauma. For some people, it is just mild joint pain, while for others it can be a life-altering experience. No matter how strong you are, the disease can affect your life in bad sorts.

How arthritis can affect our lives? 

Unfortunately, arthritis not only affects the physical aspect of life but can interfere with the emotional, financial and even the relationships of a person. Suffering from the disease, my uncle has been to the best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore but the problem grows worse with time.

What is Arthritis?

Generally speaking, arthritis is a disease with swelling and inflammation of body joints. The disease is often characterized by a dull ache or a scorching pain in joints alongside inflammation and stiffness of joints. Arthritis can be mainly due to infection or injury, but your genetics can play a key role!

Undoubtedly, the disease is quite painful and can become worse with age. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help to control the disease effectively. The connection between disease and food needs no proof and evidence. And just like all other diseases, food plays a major role in arthritis.

Arthritis and Food: What’s the connection? 

Many lifestyle factors including diet, illness, physical activity, smoking etc. can affect the level of inflammation in your body. Avoiding these foods can certainly help you with arthritis management. These foods include:

1- Processed foods

Well, our current lifestyle should be held accountable for the overconsumption of processed foods because these foods can negatively affect our health. These processed foods including frozen food products, baked items, junk food and packaged snack items contain the ingredients that can increase inflammation.

Apart from this, processed food intake is also associated with an increased risk of obesity that can make arthritis worse.

2- Gluten

Avoiding gluten has become a health trend in modern times, but other than this, we have obvious reasons to avoid it. Gluten is a grain protein that is responsible for its structure and texture. Avoiding gluten is known to reduce inflammation and other symptoms of arthritis among patients.

4- Sugars

Nutritionally speaking, added sugars offer no benefits and merely a source of calories. These sugars are called “empty calories” for an obvious reason. The intake of these added sugars in any form can increase inflammation and worsen arthritis. Whether it is your favourite baked item or a sauce, make sure you monitor the intake of these ose (ending with “ose”) sugars.

5- Refined carbohydrate

How the discussion can be completed without talking about our most favourite discussion, refined VS complex carbs. Refined carbs are known to increase the sugar levels of our body due to their high glycemic index and can be associated with increased inflammation. In contrast, eating complex carbs will provide a sufficient amount of fibre as well as is famous for low glycemic index.

Not only for arthritis, but refined carbs are considered bad for other health problems too. My cousin who was getting treated for PCOS at Surayya Azeem Hospital in Lahore was asked to switch in flaxseeds flour rather than processed white flour. 

6- Dairy products

You must be surprised knowing how milk can be associated with arthritis. We have been listening to all our childhood that dairy products can help to make our bones stronger but it can also increase the inflammation. This enhanced inflammation can become a cause of the problem and make your arthritis worse.

7- Fried foods/ polyunsaturated oils

The fried foods contain a huge number of trans fats irrespective of the oil you are using for frying purposes. These trans fats can cause you joints inflammation.

8- Salt

Just like too much sugar, too much salt can also be associated with the inflammation. Excessive salt intake is more like a food temptation and can be easily prevented by not placing a salt shaker on your dining table.

Final Word!

Arthritis is a chronic illness that can compromise the patient’s quality of life in general. The disease is very painful and it is hard to live with it. However, giving up on certain foods and an arthritis-friendly diet can make the disease manageable for you.

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