8 Health and Wellness Tips for the Busy Mom

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Busy Mom

If you’re a busy mom, health and wellness might not always stay at the top of your priority list. It’s too easy to get preoccupied with the well-being of others around you and forget about your own needs. Here are a few tips that might help you bring your health and wellness back to the top of your To Do list.

Trick and Treat

The ultimate wellness hack is to find things that feel like a treat but which won’t take a toll on your health. Trick your mind with a non-alcoholic IPA that will give you the relaxing craft beer taste you enjoy while still letting you tackle the rest of your errands and tasks for the night.

 If you’re more of a wine lover, there is even a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé that will dazzle your palate with your favorite fruity flavored drink minus the headache or sleepless night.

Stock Up on Versatile Ingredients

One of the many tasks of a busy mom is keeping fresh groceries stocked in the kitchen. Be sure to choose ingredients that will stretch further so you can spend less time aisle-hopping and more time relaxing at home. Berries are an excellent and versatile choice of produce to keep on hand — from salads to smoothies, snacks or mocktails, they can do it all!

 Sprinkle a few on your dinner plate and drop some into a glass of non-alcoholic dry champagne for an indulgent dining experience without the calories or hangover. You’ll find joy in adding a dash of fanciness and antioxidants to your afternoon meal.

Build Your Circle

One of the best things you can do for your mental health and overall wellness is to build up a strong circle of friends and family around you. Find your tribe and make the effort to nurture those relationships.

It may seem like one more thing on your ever-growing list of tasks, but we promise it’s worth it. The day will come where you need someone to lean on. So make sure you’ve got at least a few shoulders to cry on if needed!

Schedule Some “Me Time”

Literally, schedule it. Block off a few hours in your calendar and save it for things that fill you with joy.

Maybe it’s reading a book or taking a bath, drinking a mocktail or going for a jog, or just relaxing on your massage chair and taking your time to rejuvenate and reload — anything that gives you a boost in your mood and leaves you feeling recharged. Fight off the guilt of doing something just for yourself and remember that you can’t take care of others if you haven’t taken care of yourself first, Mama.

Try New Things

In addition to making time to treat yourself, also make time to try new things. Never stop experiencing the world around you.

You just might surprise yourself and find a new favorite hobby, food or physical activity. We know it doesn’t seem important on a calendar that’s overfilled with commitments, but your mental health will thank you for the new experience and maybe even a shift in perspective on life.

Practice Gratitude

Regularly practicing gratitude is not only good for your mental health, but research shows that grateful people feel physically better. Focus on the good things in your life that you look forward to each day and pause to appreciate them. Think back to a time where you wished you had some of the things that you have now.

Whether you keep a daily gratitude journal or just take a little extra time in your morning to think about what you’re thankful for, you’ll feel the mental and physical benefits of a mindful routine.

Screen-Free Time Before Bed

No screens an hour before bed is a rule that everyone in your household can benefit from. Both the light from your TVs or phones and the input of information are too distracting to a mind that wants to wind down. Instead of scrolling on social media or streaming a show, use the time right before you go to bed to play with your kids, read a book or even prep items needed for the next day.

Completing a task that doesn’t put strain on your eyes will help you prepare to rest them for the night and instill a much-needed sense of calm in you. Structure a new bedtime routine for you and your family that skips the screens and enjoy more peaceful, restful nights ahead.

Learn to Say No

The art of doing less is just that — an art. It takes practice and fine-tuning, but we promise it’s worth the overall boost in wellness. As a busy mom, you may want to try to do it all, but remember that you are still human.

Learning to say no to some things will help you be more mentally present and physically rested in the commitments that you do have. Let go of the fear of letting others down and instead decide what deserves your attention the most. It may take some time but, eventually, your mind and body will thank you.

To conclude, health and wellness may be hard to prioritize for busy moms, but it is well worth the effort. Finding treats that won’t weigh you down or make you regret them, spending less time on screens and more time practicing gratitude with loved ones and learning to do less in a world that demands more are all ways to add some wellness practices in your routine. Try a few of these tips and see what happens!

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