8 Tips for Revamping Your Spring Look

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Spring means renewal — why not refresh your look? You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to do it. With a little creativity, you can update your appearance in scores of ways. 

Where should you begin? Let’s get those juices flowing. Here are eight tips for revamping your spring look. 

1. Try Some Creative New Pairings

It’s spring cleaning time and that means you should tackle that pesky closet. Before you can sort your items into three piles, you need to empty everything. That gives you a chance to look at your clothes with fresh eyes. 

Maybe you thought that green tee only looked good with jeans. What if you tucked it into a sleek skirt and topped it with a blazer? Instant business casual. Don’t forget your shoes, either. While it takes a bit of chutzpah to rock sneakers with a suit, it can look quirky and cute when done right. 

2. Go Layered

Spring is a tricky mistress, chilly one day and nearly scorching the next. Folks in the southwest like to joke that you can experience all four seasons in one day. How can you stay cozy from morning through evening? 

Your answer is to dress in layers. That way, you can add or shed them as the weather changes. If you do decide to invest in some new duds, consider a lightweight cardigan that looks equally chic when topping your office wear or weekend tights. 

3. Lighten Up 

Unless you embrace a goth lifestyle, spring is the season to lighten up your wardrobe and makeup shades, perhaps even your hair. 

Your keywords for updating your look are warm, bright and light. However, you don’t want to look like you belong working in a health clinic. Soft ivories are better than dazzling whites. 

How can you tell if a shade flatters your complexion? Try holding it against your face while looking in the mirror. The skin on your hands is a few shades different and you can account for your eye and hair color with this method. 

What about pastels? Although they’re traditionally associated with spring, they can make you look a bit child-like. Consider saving them for accessories, perhaps pairing a pretty pastel yellow scarf with a gray suit or a cute pair of pink socks with a slightly darker tee. 

4. Accessorize 

Your accessories often complete your look. However, you can put the multiple gold necklaces in various lengths away unless you plan on appearing in a rap video. This season, you should use a subtle touch with lively yet refined touches, like a pair of small pink pearl earrings and a rose-gold watch. 

Spring can get breezy, so get creative with your hair accessories. The right scarf can keep tendrils from blinding you when gusts strike or straying into your mouth when you dine alfresco. Those with long locks can rejoice. The scrunchy is back, this time in organza, adding an elegant touch to a whimsical tie. Funky bucket hats are one more way to tame your mane while topping off your ensemble. 

5. Freshen Up Your ‘Do

A new season is a perfect time to revamp your spring look with a fresh haircut. Have you been thinking about a dramatic change? Now’s the time to go short with an adorable pixie ‘do or transform from a redhead into a brunette. 

What are some of the hottest trends? Money-piece highlights that frame your face, perhaps with some retro 90s layers for softness and style now appear on runways everywhere. Embracing your natural hair is all the rage, so feel free to rock it if you have a ‘fro.  

6. Get Glowing Skin 

Did all that dry, indoor air over the winter leave your complexion ashy and dull? It’s time to slough off that old gunk. Fortunately, the cost of professional microdermabrasion has gone down in defiance of inflation — you can now see a treatment specialist for approximately $100. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to shell out triple digits. You can enjoy similar results from at-home devices that now cost less than $150 — but you can use them again and again. Another alternative is exfoliating cloths and gloves that use your muscle power to slough off dead cells. 

Once you exfoliate, moisturize your dewy-fresh skin with a water-based moisturizer. Unless you’re extremely dry, you can put away the heavy winter creams. Please ensure you wear sunscreen to protect your complexion from oxidative damage. 

7. Think Natural 

Spring is also historically the season associated with innocence. Leave the shimmery eye shadows and overpowering liner in the drawer and instead rock a more natural look. 

This tip doesn’t mean going completely bare-faced. Tinted mineral sunscreen is much lighter than traditional foundation but still smooths your complexion and minimizes spots. A touch of blush, mascara and lip gloss complete the look, making you look polished but not overly done. 

8. Pop Some Tags 

Why not hit the thrift shop if you decide to add some new duds for the fresh season? When people outgrow their old items, they need to go somewhere, and you can often find designer clothing for a fraction of the price. 

Shopping secondhand means your favorite shop’s selection will vary every visit. Make your trips into a fun and relaxing hobby — if it’s Saturday, it must be time to hit the stores. 

Revamping Your Spring Look 

The new season is the ideal time to revitalize your appearance. You don’t have to drop a bundle on a makeover — a few pointers will get you going in the right direction. 

Follow the tips above for revamping your spring look. You’ll feel as fresh and new as the earth’s rebirth. 

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