8 Tips to Throw a Frugal Kids’ Birthday Party

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Birthday parties are memorable experiences. Every kid is waiting their birthday, so they get all the attention, presents and love. Even grown-ups make a big deal out of their birthdays. If you want to celebrate a party to remember, you have to pay attention to details.

Invitations or custom birthday printables, which are a new trend, mean a lot to children. But, don´t act surprised, details make all the difference. So, instead of losing your mind over planning your kid´s birthday party, relax. There is no need to spend an entire fortune when you use your imagination and follow these valuable tips. That´s right, we have crafted this magical plan for you:

  • Set up a budget- This is basically the most important step! Figure out how much you can afford and how much you want to spend – and stick to that budget!
  • Homemade cake – Let´s go on another family adventure! Homemade cake is the best possible solution for frugal birthday party. Do you know why? Kids love playing and experimenting, and when you let them choose the cake, and the idea of how it is supposed to look like, they will be more than thrilled! Don´t stress over perfection, feel free to experiment and play along! Not to mention, your kids will love it too because they can help and even lick the spoon!
  • Limit the guest list – Let your kids choose a few close friends to invite to their party. If they insist on going to an arcade or more expensive venue, instead of saying no, limit how many friends they can bring.
  • Send digital invitations – Send your guests a free electronic invitation; you’ll save what you’d normally spend on paper invites. Plus, you can experiment with this if you are picky about the looks. However, our friendly advice is to get over it, it is not that big deal.
  • Start planning on time – You should take time to prepare everything without freaking out. That means, you should decide when to send the invitations, how many guests are you inviting, what will be on the menu, etc. Planning takes time but saves your nerves. Consider making checklists, they are the best for keeping a track of your tasks. Don’t make the last-minute impulse buys and decisions!
  • Plan the games – If you are throwing a birthday party at home, kids could still have a blast! They can play a balloon stomp! Tie a balloon around each child’s ankle with a string. Let each child then begin stomping each other’s balloon and the last person left with a balloon wins! Or you can have a princess gown contest! Separate birthday guests into two groups. Have each group pick on “model.” Then, all the other girls will make the perfect princess gown for the model out of toilet paper. The most regal dress wins! Even simple games, like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs or freeze dance, are a blast for young kids. For older kids, have a water balloon fight, a home video game tournament, a scavenger hunt or DIY manicures and pedicures.
  • DIY decorations – If you purchase the matching spoons, forks, plates, cups, napkins, balloons, and streamers, you are easily padding expenses into the birthday celebration. So, instead of spending a lot of money on decorations, call your family members to help you with this task. It will be a perfect bonding time plus, you will make something unique, and birthdays are all about uniqueness vibe. Custom made birthday party stickers, birthday banners or balloon decorations are some of the popular ideas you should try.
  • Have fun It is all about positive energy and good vibes! Your great mood and attitude will be contagious, and your party will be a hit, no matter how big or small.

Use these tips and have fun! At the end of the day, what really matters is your child feels important on their special day – no matter how much you spent. Feel free to experiment, and include all of your family members. Positive vibe is contagious, and you will find yourself enjoying the preparation more than you have expected.

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