8 Ways To Make Your Camping Trip a Success

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Camping is a great way to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the tranquil peace of the great outdoors. Have a fun and safe trip by following a few easy recommendations. 

Gear Up

Make sure you have the right equipment. If you’re hiking into your site look for backpacks with strong webbing you can use to attach other items you don’t want to carry by hand. If you’re not looking to break a sweat and you want a roomier tent, choose a site where you can park and camp. The right gear will depend on what type of camping you’re doing. Big bulky coolers are great for cold beers out of the tailgate but terrible for long hauls to remote sites – if you’re intent on bringing booze a flask would be more appropriate. 

Be Prepared for any Weather 

Checking the forecast in advance is a must but even meteorologists get it wrong sometimes. This is especially true for camping near mountains where weather can change at a moment’s notice. Make sure you’re prepared for it all with waterproof materials and extra layers if the temperature drops. 

Do a Dry Run

Setting up your tent before you go ensures you’re not missing a vital piece. There’s nothing worse than getting set up for the night only to realize you’re short a pole or two. If you haven’t been camping in a while this will also give you an idea of the space available inside the tent. 

Meal Prep

Roasting marshmallows and cooking over an open fire are time-honored camping traditions. Up your dinner game with foil packet recipes and get out of your hot dog rut. If you plan on bringing a camping stove look for tasty one pot recipes with simple ingredients.  

Avoid Peak Times

If possible, try to plan your trip over weekdays rather than the weekend. Campsites fill up and overcrowding won’t give you the stillness of the great outdoors you’re looking for. Holiday weekends are generally a bad time to visit as well. Some states maintain websites for their parks with information as to how busy they are. Getting as much information as you can about popular spots ahead of time can help you avoid crowds. 

Get Comfy

While some people love roughing it, most of us prefer at least a few modern comforts. Relying on a sleeping bag alone can be more uncomfortable than you remember. Bring a small air mattress or sleeping pad to keep yourself from tossing and turning all night. Where you pitch your tent can make a difference too. Grass is generally softer than packed dirt. For summer campers who aren’t afraid of bugs a hammock can also be an option. 

Stay Hydrated

Bring plenty of bottled water or refillable containers so you can utilize the campground’s water. Being outside in the sun plus the extra physical activity will dehydrate you faster than you’d think. Sports drinks can be a good source of hydration but watch out for excess sugar. Avid hikers may want to consider investing in a wearable hydration pack.   

Keep it Light

Whether you’re hiking in or setting up camp where you park, less is more. Being efficient with what you bring will make it easier to unload and start enjoying yourself right away. It may be tempting to bring everything but the kitchen sink, but you’ll spend more time searching for what you need than actually using it. 

Camping offers a fun and affordable way to connect with nature and bond with family. Make your next vacation great with the camping gear that meets your needs. 

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