8 Ways To Spend Weekend Quality Time With Your Family

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Spend Weekend Quality Time With Your Family

Every day, families do the usual routine, like going to school, doing household chores, and working hard in the office. Doing the same things every day can be tiring, boring, and stressful. The only time families get to really have fun whole day is during weekends. So how do you make the most of it?

Below are some of the ways to spend weekend quality time with your family.

  1. Have A Family Pizza Night 

Pizza is everyone’s all-time favorite snack, especially families. But there’s a misconception that all pizzas are bad for your health. It’s a good thing there are people who offer healthy pizza recipes. Now, families can enjoy eating pizza during weekends.

A family that eats healthy pizza together stays together forever. You can try a loaded-veggie pizza, rich in fiber, or a high-protein pizza, perfect after intense workout. You can check great-tasting, healthy pizza recipes in websites such as 28bysamwood.com. Not only will you know what’s on your pizza, but you’ll know how much calories there are in each serving.

  1. Share Stories 

Make every weekend more productive and unforgettable by sharing stories. You can share words of wisdom to your children by reading them a good book or sharing your personal experiences.

Here are some story-sharing tips to make this activity more exciting:

  • Hold a backyard campfire and toast some marshmallows while sharing spooky stories.
  • Pick a good theme or story and ask a family member to read it aloud with feelings and actions.
  • Encourage members to record their stories in their mobile devices and show them during weekends. The best story gets a cool prize.
  1. Cook Or Bake Together 

Do you love to bake some brownies or cook a family recipe? If yes, then you can bring family members to help you while others serve the plates in the dining table. Kitchen time is a great family bonding experience, especially for your children who aspire to be future master chefs.

Here are some cooking and baking ideas you can try during weekends with your family:

  • Cakes or muffins
  • Pastas
  • Salads
  • Grilled foods
  1. Movie Marathon

If you want to simply unwind, relax, and enjoy good movies, then a movie marathon can be a great activity for the whole family. You can watch family-oriented films or shows. Many children like to watch horror and sci-fi movies. Or you may want to choose a specific theme for your movie marathon, such as back-to-school movies or mother-daughter movies . Elevate your movie-viewing experience by preparing a bowl of popcorn or anything fun to eat.

  1. Arts And Crafts 

Do you like the idea of drawing or painting? Or maybe you like to make things out of papier-mâché or wood. Your children will develop their artistic skills from all the arts and crafts projects you do together. You’ll help them develop their creativity, resourcefulness, and other traits they can bring when they grow up.

Buy some crayons, canvas, oil paints, and other arts and crafts supplies and tools. Set an art session during weekends to discover your kids’ creative talents. You can also enjoy this experience by showing your children your masterpieces. It’s also a great way to eliminate stress from office work.

  1. Exercise 

Stay healthy and fit as a family by exercising during weekends. Encourage your family members to go on long walks or jog with you. Ladies love yoga and Pilates, and men prefer bodybuilding. Biking is another cool activity you can try with older children.

Here are other physical activities you can do as a family:

  • Swimming
  • Playing badminton or tennis
  • Playing basketball, football, or volleyball
  1. Pray And Worship

Prayer and worship are two important aspects of family life. Regardless of your religion, it’s important to have spiritual growth. Teach your children to pray, worship, and attend religious activities by being their role model.

You can read religious materials together. Of course, attending worship service is one way to nurture your family’s spiritual well-being. You can share your spiritual experiences to one another and pray as one family to thank your Creator for all your blessings.

  1. Play 

Playtime is family time. You can research fun family games online and try them out next weekend. Children will never forget the time their parents played with them, making childhood years more fun and worth reminiscing.


Now you can make your weekend quality time with your family more special and enjoyable. Think about fun, new, productive ways to make your weekends more meaningful and unforgettable. Regardless of the activities you’re planning to do next weekend, just don’t forget to enjoy the experience and stay healthy and safe all the time.

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