9 Types of Businesses That Include Travel-Related Work

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We all have to work to care for our families. Unfortunately, 50% of people dislike their job, which might be why you are interested in finding a travel-related job.

Luckily, there are many job opportunities out there that are family-friendly and allow for sightseeing. Below, we have listed nine types of businesses that include travel-related work. Some of these positions are freelance positions where you can be your own boss, and some will allow you steady employment with Per Diem travel. If you are not sure what Per Diem travel means, here is a breakdown of the perks and details that are involved.

1. Event planner

Event planners are responsible for organizing business, promotional or social events. Because there are many types of event planners, many travel opportunities are available in this profession. Some events that may need to be planned by a professional are; weddings, corporate functions, conferences, fundraisers, anniversaries, and grand openings.

2. Travel blogger

Being a travel blogger is a fun way to earn an income while traveling the world with your family. There are two ways that you can become a travel blogger. The first way would be to start your own blog, and the second way would be to work as a writer for a magazine or travel blog website. Creating your own blog will give you more freedom but less income in the beginning as opposed to working for another individual or company.

3. Photographer

If you are good at photography or think you could be after some practice, there may be many traveling opportunities available in this profession. Photographers make money while traveling by taking photos of scenery, landmarks, or attractions and selling them to travel blogs, magazines, or stock photo sites. There are no requirements to be a photographer other than quality photos.

4. Flight attendant

Being a flight attendant can make for an exciting career if you don’t mind working from 30,000 feet in the air. The position comes with many perks like free flights, airfare discounts for friends and family, as well as the opportunity to explore during layovers with Per Diem pay.

5. Cruise ship employee

If the idea of working on a plane does not sound appealing, maybe working on a ship does. Cruise ship employees get the chance to enjoy exciting cruises year-round while having all expenses covered for you and your family. On top of having all food and lodging paid for, you get the opportunity to see the world, enjoy the ocean and visit many popular tourist destinations.

6. Travel nursing assistant

Becoming a CNA requires a certification that usually takes around 6-15 weeks to acquire. Traveling CNAs are hired to fill in when health care companies are understaffed. Travel can be anywhere around the country, and as some of the other jobs above have mentioned, travel is Per Diem. Here you can find some additional information on CNA certification.

 7. Truck driver

The truck driver position is well known for the travel required. The long hours on the road can be a lot to handle, but this is another career that pays for your meals and lodging. Truck drivers are expected to travel around 500 miles in any direction from their homes.

8. Retail buyer

Retail buying is a fun job for those that enjoy seeing newly released products or fashion. As a retail buyer, your job would be to travel around the world Per Diem to different trade shows, buyer markets, and fashion shows. Buyers scout these shows and markets to find and purchase inventory for their employers. The requirements for this job are either a business degree, a retail degree, or can be entry-level.

9. ESL teacher

ESL means

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