A Few Cricut Gift Ideas for Kids

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If during vacations your kids are feeling bored then you can use their creative skills to keep them busy and entertained. Some kids are creative and crafty by nature whereas the creative skills of some children can be carved by making some efforts with them. Making some decorative items with the help of Cricut machines can be a good idea to encourage the creativity of the kids. You can make them good crafters just by suggesting them to make some Cricut based items which they can use to gift to their family and friends at some suitable occasion. Some Cricut ideas for kids are provided in this write up to help you in this regard.

Before You Start – What’s Required for Making Cricut Crafts

When you are trying to involve your kids in making Cricut crafts then you need to get together some basic things required for proper crafting. There are loads of options of course, but here are a few you might consider:

  • A Cricut Machine, such as the Cricut Explore Air 2. Obviously, you’ll need your favorite Cricut machine. These can cut various types of materials ranging from paper, delicate fabric, chipboard or leather as required.
  • Vinyl to add a variety of colors to your circuit craft.
  • Cricut Transfer Tape is necessarily required for circuit craft as vinyl cannot be applied to any surface including glasses, mugs, and wood, etc. without this tape.
  • Iron-on Vinyl is used for making various types of projects like t-shirts etc.
  • Cricut Weeder Tool, a tool to use while making Cricut craft
  • Cricut 122 Standard
  • Grip Adhesive Cutting Mats
  • Cricut Explore Pens Set
  • Cricut Scissors

Cricut Crafts Ideas to Make with Kids

It is easy to create Cricut crafts with kids after you have collected the supplies listed above. This craft will allow you to keep the kids busy for quite some time say for a few hours required to complete such projects. So you can start having fun with your creative kids just by plugging in your Cricut machine and calling them on.

Color your Bookmarks

Things required to create bookmarks include cardstock, Cricut, colored pencils, Cricut pen, and glue.

You can create bookmarks for your kids by using white card stock, and Cricut pen. After drawing images on the card cut them with the help of your Cricut machine to let your kids color them by using colored pencils. You can glue different image together to make a colorful image to be used as a bookmark.

Create Acrylic Canvas art

You can help your kids to make a vinyl unicorn and cut it with Cricut to paste on an acrylic poured canvas. You can create these images by using Cricut pencil and your Cricut machine. In this way, you can create a number of poured canvasses this summer. After drawing awesome images on colorful vinyl you can cut them with Cricut and let your kids glue them on acrylic poured canvas to create an amazing gift item.

Craft for kids with stitched string art

It is fun for kids as well as adults to create a craft by using stitched string art. You can use Cricut pen to print different types of images on a stringed object and provide some embroidery thread to the kids to let them complete the project effectively. It will be full of fun for them.

Color your banner

If your children want a sign in their bedroom created by them then it can be the best Cricut project for them. You can use iron-on lite vinyl to trace an image on the canvas banner to give a personalized touch to their sign. You can give them Cricut color pencils to color their banner to make it more attractive.

Cricut tissue paper sun catchers

Kids of all age groups will like to create this Cricut craft. You can cut various types of images o a thick tissue paper and cut them by using your handy Cricut. On one side of the images, you can place a contact paper and then use a tissue paper to cover the image entirely. Now use another layer of contact paper to seal the image. In this way, your kids can make a colorful suncatcher by using Cricut.

Thus, by following the Cricut ideas for kids provided in this write-up you can easily encourage their creativity and help them in creating amazing gifts for their family and friends.


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