A Guide On Storing Collectibles Over The Years

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A collector’s possessions involve items of no monetary value to things with a very high economic value. Still, for a collector, every item he or she collects is a prized possession. 

The practice is not just a hobby, but all his or collectibles are a big part of their life for a serious collector. 

Most collectors would have been collecting from a young age and have developed ways of protecting their collections using silica gel to keep away moisture. 

The following article will involve ways of taking care of different types of collectibles. Some of the general tips that can help maintain collectibles are as follows:

  • Avoid the collectibles sitting under direct sunlight for longer peri:

Intense sunlight can sometimes lead to discoloration of certain items like clothing, antique furniture, comic books, etc. It is always better to store them in a dry, cool place like a properly curtained room or most of these items come in a storage box appropriate for it. 

  • Use proper storage materials: There are several items that one can use to protect different things according to their storage needs. It would be great to invest in items that will help maintain the items and ensure their safety from any damage. 
  • Plastic sleeves: Buying appropriate plastic sleeves that would fit items like vinyl records or comic books would be a great idea to save these items. It can also protect the articles by making them waterproof and preventing any spillage or stains that could ruin them. 
  • Bubble wraps and packing peanuts: These items can be beneficial if the collectibles are breakable items like plates or crystal items. One can wrap bubble wraps around the things that will provide cushioning and protect them.
  • Old clothing like T-shirts, blankets, etc.: These items can be sustainable and a very affordable option for storing or covering up items like vintage furniture or musical instruments or storing up breakable items by stuffing the clothing to prevent any breakage while moving or shifting. 

It will be wise to buy some packing accessories like tapes, markers, tie-downs, etc. these items can help mark items and tying them down if one needs to move them around or loaded into the storage. 

It is also crucial to keep in mind the different ways the climate or temperature differences might affect certain items. 

Humidity and change in temperature can affect the things that can range from collectible cards to large items like vintage vehicles or furniture. 

Humidity can lead to the growth of fungus or mold over items like paper, wood, etc. It would be smart to use silica gel packets inside the storage boxes to prevent humidity from affecting things. 

If the items are in a dry place, it can cause the items to become brittle hence maintaining the moisture content is very important. 

Choosing a climate-controlled space to protect the items would be a smart move. Thankfully most of the things have specific instructions that help one in understanding how to store different items. 

Antique objects encompass an exact number of items ranging from clothes to furniture. Collectors should store certain wood items at a specific humidity level with a temperature varying from 35 and 65 percent. 

Room temperature is almost always perfect for most of the antiques unless there are some detailed instructions. Some item-specific instructions can help in doing right by his or her collectibles.

  • Vintage Clothes: Vintage clothing is very delicate and requires the utmost care. It would be a better option to use hangers made of plastic and not metal because metal tends to rust and probably leaves stains on the clothing. 

Humidity can sometimes affect the clothes, and it is necessary to store them in a space where they can breathe and make sure not to keep them in plastic covers without any air circulation.

  • Vinyl Records: Vinyl records are very sought-after vintage items and also very expensive to attain. It would be great to get plastic sleeves to keep them protected. Vinyl records are fragile, and it is essential to not touch the labeled area and the ends or the edges. 
  • Trading Cards, Comic Books, and Vintage Paper Items: These are very fragile items, and people mostly buy them when they can take a tremendous amount of effort to take care of them for a long time. It would be wise to keep the item in a less humid storage space.  

Following essential tips and tricks can help take care of the collectibles and store them for a long time.

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