A Guide To Visiting The Blue Mountains In Summer

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The Blue Mountains are a jewel of Australia that never fails to impress and if you are touring the Sydney area, you simply must see this stunning range that is tinged blue, due to the eucalyptus trees. Stretching for almost 100km, the Blue Mountains is best experienced from the air, and with established helicopter tour operators, you can see the mountain range in all its glory.

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Helicopter Tours

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These run from Sydney Airport and include breath-taking views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Sweeping low along Bondi Beach is another experience you get to enjoy on Blue Mountain tours, and with a 90-minute flight, you will see this amazing region in its entirety.

All Inclusive Prices

The flight would include transport to and from your hotel and after a safety briefing at the base, you and your group can take pictures standing next to the helicopter. Once in the air, you will receive a running commentary from the pilot, via Bluetooth headsets, and with your camera at the ready, you will have some amazing photos to show your friends.

Safety First

Make sure that the tour provider has a 100% safety record and has been in business for a good few years, and such a company can easily be located with a Google search. If you are planning your trip around Christmas or the New Year, you had best book now, as this is the high season and flights are frequent. The tour operator would brief you on suitable clothing, along with any do’s and don’ts, ensuring that you are well-prepared for what will be a unique experience.

Do Some Online Research

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Once you have made your booking for the helicopter tour, you should spend some time online, researching the region, to help you to prepare for the many day trips you can make into the Blue Mountains. Having seen the mountains from the air, you can experience this unique region on the ground, and by hiring a car for the duration of your stay, you can spend as many days as you wish exploring the Blue Mountains.

Preparing For The Heat

December and January are killer months for heat and humidity in the Sydney region, and while the helicopter tour is air-conditioned, the time you spend out and about will be very hot. Always make sure you stay hydrated and let’s not forget the mozzies, who are always ready to give you their special welcome. Sun creams and lotions are essentials, as are a good pair of polaroid glasses, and it won’t hurt to include a small first aid kit, just in case.

Early booking for accommodation, transport and the helicopter tour is strongly advised, as the high season sees tourists from all corners of the world, who all want to see and experience the wonders of the Blue Mountains. There are many activities you can choose, including hiking and biking, and if climbing is your thing, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you have a couple of days or a couple of weeks, there is so much to see and do in Sydney and surrounding areas, which includes the spectacular Blue Mountains.

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