A Hunter’s Hunting Style

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Hunting is more of an art that it is just a sport or hobby. There are currently, dozens of different hunting methods and styles, one of the popular forms being hunting with guns. However, there are rules and regulations for all the types and hunting styles differ from hunter to hunter. Here is a general introduction to some of the more common hunting styles.


When hunting for big or small game, hunters have a variety of tools at their helm. Some use shotguns, others handguns and the vast majority opt for rifles, which in most cases bring along the need for suitable accessories and add-ons that drastically improve your hunting experience and make it a fruitful one. There are specific situations for each of the aforementioned guns. For example, shotguns are mostly used for hunting small game. Moreover, they come in two options, 12 gauge shotguns or 20 gauge shotguns. Most hunters do prefer, as is their style, the 20 gauge shotgun as they believe the power packed by the 12 gauge is far too much for the purposes of hunting small game such as squirrels or rabbits. On another end we have handguns. The handgun provides great maneuverability and is often useful is harsher terrains where the hunter will have to do some extensive climbing, where a gun that is both light and easy to carry will come in handy. Finally, we have the rifle. The common choice for most hunting purposes. It offers precision at long distances while not being too much of a burden.


As the name implies, a muzzleloader is a gun that is loaded through the muzzle. This type of hunting, although sometimes considered to be a bit troubling, adds some more excitement to the mix of things. Mostly because using the gun is quite a bit different than using the others. Being able to strategically get up close and personal with a large animal in order to hunt it down requires tremendous skill and arduous efforts. Moreover, there are specific parts of the year that are set aside specifically for muzzleloader hunting, wherein it is more convenient than troublesome. While muzzleloaders offer the vintage feel and excitement that comes along with it, keeping the gun clean is of utmost importance. Although this is true for almost all guns, due to the use of black powder, a muzzleloader is more vulnerable. Black powder is very corrosive. Therefore, cleaning the bore of the gun, among other parts, is crucial so that the groves do not become obsolete over time. The fact that there are extensive products out there all of which serve the purpose of keeping your gun clean, it should be apparent that, if you allow a muzzleloader to go a long time without cleaning, it will not function properly for long.

Archery and Crossbows

And finally, we have archery. If muzzleloaders were not enough of a flash to the past, archery should give you the feel of hunting back in the old days. However, modern archery is actually a lot more sophisticated than it might seem to an outsider. Just as there are many types of guns used for hunting, there are many types of bows for archery as well. They do mainly fall into three categories, compound bows, longbows and recurve bows. The capacity of your bow also depends on the game you are hoping to hunt down. That is not all. Hunting with a bow is no easy task and often requires skills far beyond just being able to point and shoot accurately. Archery wants you to appreciate the fact that you need to get very close to the animal before being able to make an accurate shot. Not only that, it wants you to be able to fool the animal’s sense of sight, smell and hearing before shooting your arrow right at the animal and ending the day in a successful hunt. Archery has also evolved quite a bit too. You can now purchase different add-ons for crossbows that make for a different hunting experience. Some hunters like added scopes to their guns to help them out. There are huge number of scopes out there too that cater to the needs of hunters and adapt to their styles, whether they want to go out and keep hunting until after sunset or even wrap up the day quickly with a short hunt, you will always be able to find state of the are hardware to go along with your crossbow. Are you looking for the beginner bows available, check out our top 5 bows for beginners.

How your hunting gear affects your hunting style

You may have read through numerous reviews and blog posts before choosing that perfect weapon in your hand, be it a shotgun, rifle, or even a crossbow. You will almost always want to get some good accessories to go along with your weapon of choice. There are hunting practices out there that opt for no extra add-ons, but more often than not, you are better off with having some help from modern engineering. Among the useful products, lies one of the most powerful and useful tools, the scope. This small piece of hardware often defines how you hunt and can hunt, and in most cases, determine how successful your hunting trip may turn out to be.

Scopes and guns

A scope is useful in most hunting scenarios whether you are hunting large game or small, far or near. In the case of guns, you will have almost thousands of scopes to choose from once start looking around to purchase. The scopes come with different sizes, shapes, and magnifications. One of the most well-known manufacturers of scopes and guns hosts over a dozen different scopes up for sale and the market just expands from there. On top of that, there are newer models coming out too. A good scope like the Vortex scope might set you back by a good amount of money, but will definitely heighten your hunting experience and determine your style of hunting.

Scopes are not limited to just guns either. They are effectively useful with a crossbow. There are many scopes that offer you different magnifications and illumination, which in turn can determine your hunting style.


Different hunters operate under different principles and therefore most of their hunting styles are also different. The type of weapon you use and what you choose to accessorize it with is a huge determinant of your hunting style.

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  1. Ron Dobson says

    This is the truth.
    If you want to break it down even further, scouting (a subset of the hunt) is becoming an art form in and of itself (don’t believe me? see for yourself: https://critterlick.com/5-tips-for-scouting-deer/).

    When you boil it all down, it’s a lot of different approaches – with no right one (but there are some wrong ones).
    Good luck on the hunt, everybody. I’m looking forward to the rifle deer hunt opening in Utah this weekend.

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