A Look At Shark Apex Vacuum Cleaner

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There is no doubt that vacuum cleaners are extremely important for homes, offices and other commercial establishments. However, if you look around, you certainly will be able to come across many different models and makes of vacuum cleaners. This does not make the choice of the right vacuum cleaner a simple and easy task. This often leads to confusion and many customers end up buying the wrong vacuuming machine. It is therefore important to do the research properly and then decide the right vacuum based on specific needs and requirements. Amongst the many options available, there are reasons to believe Shark APEX vacuum cleaners could be a good choice. To begin with, it is quite obvious that Shark has been at the forefront of offering some of the best vacuum cleaners and other such devices. They have the required experience and expertise. This particular vacuum cleaner has quite a few attractive features and it would be interesting to know more about it over the next few lines.

Some Important Features Of Shark APEX Vacuum Cleaner

This is a full-sized vacuum cleaner from the house of Shark. It comes with the famous DuoClean technology and hence it also is referred to as DuoClean APEX vacuum cleaner. It is perfectly suited for deep cleaning of bare floors and carpets. It also comes with other excellent features. These include Active Guide Technology and noise reduction facility. It is useful for those who wish to keep their homes free from allergens. There are a few more features that go in making Shark APEX vacuum a good value for money proposition.

Detachable Canister

Another interesting feature is the detachable canister that is perfectly suited for multi-floor cleaning. As mentioned above the DuoClean technology is a big takeaway, according to many customers. The detachable canister is suited for deep cleaning and the users can easily clean hard-to-reach areas. The power still continues to be quite efficient in such tough to clean areas. The dual brushroll system helps to deep clean carpets and it gets directly engages the floors for that polished and totally clean look.

Keep The Space Free Of Allergens

According to many reviews, this apex vacuum cleaner from Shark is famous for emitting 10 times lesser particles when compared to HEPA standards. The emission has been brought down to just 0.3 microns and according to experts, it is the best in the market today.

Noise Reduction Technology

Many vacuum cleaners while being high on performance are noisy. However, this is not the case as far as this model of APEX vacuum cleaner from Shark is concerned. It has the best of tuning and this goes a long way in reducing noise and softens the pitch quite a bit.

Active Guide Technology

Smooth manoeuvring is one more benefit that one can expect from this vacuum cleaner. This is because of the unique active guide technology. This makes it easy to easily move through carpets and floors and also helps to maintain the best of suction and cleaning options.

Technical Specifications

The vacuum cleaner weighs 16 lbs and comes with a cord that is 30 feet in length. The dust cup has a capacity of 1.5 dry quarts. The dimensions are 12 x 9 x 46 inches and it has quite a few accessories including under-hand wands and much more.

What Do Customers Say

There is no doubt that the product has been accepted quite well by most of the customers. This is borne out by the fact that it has an overall star rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0. It has won many positive reviews by most customers, though a few are not very happy with the power it generates.

On the whole, it is quite obvious that it is a good value for money proposition.

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