A Look at the Differences between Homeowner Insurance vs. Home Appliance Insurance

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Everyone is required to have homeowner insurance, and this is a necessary thing for your abode. But homeowner insurance, whilst proving invaluable in case of emergencies such as theft and break-ins, natural disasters, and the like, will not really provide coverage for your major home appliances in case they have a mechanical breakdown. There are other significant differences between homeowner insurance and appliance insurance, besides. If you already have homeowner insurance and are questioning whether or not you still need home appliance insurance, here’s a look at the differences between the two and what you should know.

The facts about homeowner’s insurance 

Since you already have homeowner’s insurance, you may have a good idea of what it can do for you. Basically, homeowner insurance can protect your home appliances and assets in case of events such as thefts, break-ins, or natural disasters, such as fires or storms. And unlike home appliance insurance, homeowner insurance is a requirement from mortgage lenders prior to your being able to purchase your home. Homeowner insurance can also give coverage for property or structural damage in case of peril, and liability in case someone becomes injured on your property. Homeowner insurance may also provide coverage for short-term costs in case you cannot temporarily live or reside in your home due to disaster or damage.

The differences between homeowner’s insurance and home appliance insurance 

As already mentioned, homeowner’s insurance is a requirement, whilst home appliance insurance is optional. Homeowner insurance can cost significantly more than home appliance insurance, and home appliance insurance covers most of your appliances whilst homeowner’s insurance will often only cover appliances damaged due to theft and disasters. With home appliance insurance, you can renew your coverage per month (as a monthly installment) or per year, whilst with homeowner’s insurance, the premium is often packaged as a bundle with your mortgage payments.

More on home appliance insurance 

If you want to learn more about home appliance insurance and what it covers, know this first: it covers appliances or items which have broken down because of normal wear and tear, and not pre-existing faults of the appliance prior to the policy, and it doesn’t cover deliberate damage to the appliance, either. Home appliance insurance also doesn’t include appliances that are more than ten years old. But home appliance insurance will cover an unlimited claim number or callouts, and you can receive up to £500 as a limit per claim. It also covers accidental damage as well as mechanical breakdowns, and a good appliance cover will even take care of accidental damage due to liquid or water.  

Appliances covered by home appliance insurance 

Many appliances in your home can receive coverage from home appliance insurance, and this includes your boiler and boiler system, your refrigerator and freezer, your cooker, your microwave (often if it is built-in), your oven, your dishwasher, and your washing machine and dryer. 

The coverage provided by home appliance insurance is significant for many homeowners because these appliances can be quite expensive to repair and replace. But with home appliance insurance, the provider can send someone to your home to inspect the appliance and make the necessary repairs to it or replace it if needed as well. This relieves you from the burden of trying to look for a technician yourself, often waiting for days before a technician or engineer is available.

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