A New Idea for Single Serve Coffee

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I’m excited to share a new way for you to enjoy single serve coffee. This eco-friendly brand delivers compostable bags to your door that only require hot water to brew your favorite flavor of single serve coffee. Steeped Coffee has found a way to get rid of those k-cups and other single serve coffee containers to create a more eco-friendly option.

All About Steeped Coffee

You won’t need coffee pods or instant coffee that’s less than flavorful when you switch to Steeped Coffee. An entrepreneur and avid coffee lover, Josh Wilbur, decided to try something new. He combined the convenience of single serve coffee with ethically sourced coffee that’s of the highest quality, to create an eco-friendly line of single serve coffee.

After seven years of experimenting with his brilliant idea, Josh Wilbur created Steeped Coffee. This company provides consumers with fresh roasted, pre-portioned, precision ground, micro batched coffee in customized full immersion filters. You won’t need a coffee machine, and you’ll be doing your part to reduce the 10 billion unrecyclable coffee pods that accumulate in landfills every year.

No More Unrecyclable Coffee Pods

Steeped Coffee is much like a tea bag but it’s coffee! This delightfully delicious coffee simply needs some hot water and a coffee cup. Steep your coffee bag, and enjoy your favorite premium roasted coffee flavor, without the guilt of using unrecyclable coffee pods.

Amazing features of Steeped Coffee

  • 100% Specialty Coffee: No solubles, crystals, or freeze-drying needed
  • Nitro Sealed: removes oxygen, stopping the clock on freshly ground beans
  • Full Immersion Filter: non-GMO filters that regulate ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out
  • Ultrasonically Sealed: no glues or staples
  • Guilt-Free Packaging: made using plant-based renewable and compostable materials
  • Precision Ground: consistent water-cooled grinding to the micron
  • Pre-Portioned: consistent SCA recommended water-to-coffee ratios
  • Just Add Water: single-serve convenience with no machines required
  • Barista Approved: tested by multiple independent specialty coffee Q-graders for freshness, quality, and taste

You can order Steeped Coffee on a subscription basis to get your favorite coffee flavors delivered. This allows you to have a constant supply of flavorful coffee in compostable bags. No more need for a coffee machine, simply get your coffee delivered every 2 weeks, 5 weeks or more. You can pick the right subscription model that works for your coffee needs.

If you’re not ready to receive Steeped Coffee regularly, then you can purchase their coffee individually or in a flavor combination pack to determine which Steeped Coffee blend you enjoy most. You can learn more about this brand or order your first box of Steeped Coffee on their website.

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