ABC Rug and Carpet Care Takes Care of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs!

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ABC Rug and Carpet Care provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for your specialty flooring. ABC Rug and Carpet care has been servicing handmade Persian and oriental rugs in New York City for over 20 years. As a customer, you can arrange to have your rug conveniently picked up from your home and taken to their facility for expert detailing and revitalization. In addition to their specialty rug cleaning services, this company also offers carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning to meet all of your household cleaning and maintenance needs. With a knowledgeable and courteous staff, the company will also conduct basic reconditioning and repair to damaged handmade rugs, including cleaning the fringes, and removing embedded stains. The company utilizes state of the art green cleaning technology and techniques to help reduce the allergens in your home while minimizing the overall impact on the environment. Regular cleaning of your household fabric items including carpets, rugs and and mattresses will reduce allergens, dust mites, and eliminate the threat of bed bugs from spreading around in your home. You can visit their website to sign up for email distribution lists and get coupons for discounts on services. ABC Rug and Carpet Care is bonded and insured, to provide you with a great, affordable cleaning solution and good customer service experience.

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