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An amazing country that combines the traditions of Islam and European culture. Morocco never ceases to amaze travelers with its unique sights, each city of this ancient country holds a lot of mysteries and taenas. Only in the capital of the state has several hundred interesting buildings, markets and museums. Must see the fortress of Qasba Udaja, the mosques of Moulay-Sliman and Moulay el-Mekki, the ruins of the mosque of Yaqub al-Mansur, the royal palace and the tombs of Kings Hassan the Second and Mohammed the Fifth. Among the popular cultural centers are the Museum of Antiquity, the Museum of Moroccan Art, the Museum of Archaeology, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Art Gallery.

What you need to know about the country before a trip

Anyone who has planned a trip to Morocco and has already bought tickets can only be congratulated. It is a wonderful country , famous for its exotic nature and its varied …


Another popular tourist destination in Morocco is the city of Marrakech, where the so-called Historical District will be the most notable. In the central part of the city you will find the Koutoubia Mosque, which was built in the 12th century. Its main feature is a beautiful minaret, which is 77 meters high. Opposite the mosque is the Djema el-Fna square, where the largest streets of Marrakech originate. During the walks you can see the beautiful palaces, museums and mosques, but the main feature of the city is still the excellent markets. They are very diverse, with spice, leather, antiques, shoes, and food markets.

Casablanca, a major port center and renowned historic district, offers many activities for vacationers. The center of the historic district is the Place des Nations, around which are located the main monuments: the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral and the Great Mosque of Hassan II. Also worth visiting are the numerous parks, during walks through which dozens of beautiful mosques can be seen.  

How to navigate in Morocco :

Morocco is a country that you can travel through by bus, grand taxi, trains and also national flights. Morocco is full of places to visit and among those Marrakech, it is the capital city of tourism. Therefore, many tourists start their Marrakech excursions  from here.

At Jamaa El fna square, you can find many travel agencies that offer different itineraries among them the Marrakech desert tours 3 days, it allows you visit the Sahara desert and experience the camel ride and camping at Berber tents.

What to visit with children in Morocco

Morocco is not one of the countries ideal for holidays with young children. Young children find it difficult to acclimatize. The local … 

From a historical point of view, the outskirts of the city, where the ruins of the ancient settlement of Anfa are located, will also be interesting. Here you can see the ruins of houses, temples and squares, archeologists are still working on the territory of the town. There are interesting places in the city of Fez, which in the past was the capital of Morocco and the main cultural center of the country. The city has several fortifications, the palace of Dar Bath, the Karawin Mosque, the Andalusian Mosque and the tomb of Idris II.

History and Entertainment

In the 10th century BC Morocco was home to the ancient state of Carthage, which was conquered by the Roman Empire in the 2nd century AD. In the centuries that followed, the land was ravaged by numerous conquests by the Vandals and later by the Byzantine Empire. The very first Arab state on the territory of Morocco was formed at the end of the 8th century, later becoming the center of a major empire. The latter included the territories of today’s Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

Shopping in Morocco – what to bring?

Shopping in Morocco promises to be an interesting pastime, because in this country you can buy almost anything. Ethnic products and souvenirs …

The first half of the 15th century was associated with intense Spanish and Portuguese expansion, which resulted in the conquest of many large cities. It was not until the beginning of the 17th century that the Moroccan state began its rise again, reaching its greatness under the reign of sultan Ahmad al-Mansur. Periods of prosperity alternated with periods of decline and civil strife over hundreds of years; the war with Spain, which lasted from 1859 to 1860, was a great ordeal for Morocco. At the beginning of the 20th century the state was invaded by France, from which it gained independence only in 1956.

The main value of modern Morocco is a unique national culture. The state is characterized by a special rhythm of life and many special traditions, a unique culture is reflected in all aspects of life Moroccans. Many people associate Morocco with colorful bustling markets, while walking through which you can plunge into the unique national atmosphere. The scents of spices and coffee are everywhere, and you can buy gorgeous handmade carpets and Moroccan-style jewelry in the market.

Deserve special attention and beach resorts in Morocco, among which the clear leader is Agadir. At the beach resorts vacationers are offered their services upscale thalassotherapy centers and modern spas, the usual beach holiday here can always be complemented by the care of health. Vacationers with children enjoy the great popularity of the resort of Hualidia, the location of which is a beautiful lagoon.

An important component of national culture is a unique Moroccan cuisine. In national restaurants visitors are sure to be offered the traditional couscous, many lamb and lamb dishes, as well as soups and traditional pastries. The local cuisine is characterized by an active use of spices, and Morocco produces wonderful wines.

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