Addiction Treatment: Professional UK Rehab Centers

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Alcoholism and drug addiction are among the most common problems. These addictions bring to society no less harm than poverty, war, or bad ecology. Low social adaptation, personality destruction, a crisis in family relations — these are just a small range of problems that patients can solve in professional rehab in Glasgow or another city in the UK.

Treatment in a high-class rehabilitation center such as the Serenity Clinic will help each addict regain all the functions of quality life and restore the healthy physical form, nervous system, and vitality.

The Competent Approach to Addiction Treatment

The specialists of the rehabilitation clinic try to help their patients to go through a challenging and long way of overcoming addiction with no stress. They influence all aspects of the personality (social, spiritual, physical, and mental health). The rehabilitation process includes an individual approach and group work, including psychotherapy sessions.

In their work, the specialists of the rehabilitation clinic follow the basic principles:

  • person-centered approach;
  • anonymous drug and alcohol addiction treatment;
  • patient comfort;
  • full recovery.

After the treatment, the patient will strengthen willpower, displace psychoactive substances from the value system, normalize family relations, and develop the skills of a sober life.

Rehab Therapy and High-quality Care from Professionals

Treatment of addiction to psychoactive substances at the Serenity Center in Birmingham includes the treatment of physical, mental, and psychological addiction, as well as concomitant diseases, complex restoration of the body, including the nervous system, normalization of sleep patterns (vitamin-mineral complexes and physiotherapy courses), various therapeutic procedures (therapeutic massage, sports activities).

The therapeutic course does not consist only of detox of the body. It is a whole complex of selected programs and methods, author’s developments and procedures tested for effectiveness, contributing to a full recovery. The Serenity Rehab treatment includes therapies that prevent breakdowns, speed-up the spiritual recovery and social adjustment.

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