African Gilded Chocolate Truffles Recipe

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Gold is a symbol of luxury. It is considered a status symbol, bringing to light a person’s financial well being. It is considered a luxury that makes you realize how far you have come in life.

Interestingly, gold isn’t just used for making jewelry. Hammered into thin sheets, gold has many applications — gold leaf for jewellery, gold leaf for makeup, gold to eat, etc. Yes, you read that right. Gold is very much edible. 

Have you ever had gold to eat? Well, if you haven’t, now might be the right time to try chocolate truffles garnished with gold. 

If you love making and eating truffles, you will probably know that the best thing about them is how easy they are to make in comparison to how delicious they look. Flavored with Africa’s very own cream liqueur, garnished with edible gold, these chocolate truffles have an earthy exterior that belies a melting smooth center.

The market is flooded with a variety of chocolate bars, all with different cocoa percentages. Chocolate truffles are all about the chocolate you use, so you must pick the finest quality of chocolate to get a better end product. For me, 50% is good, but if you are a serious chocolate connoisseur, 70 – 85% is best. It contains less sugar and has a high cocoa content, loaded with beneficial minerals and more antioxidants, which is all good!

Chocolate truffles are extremely simple to make, but the application of gold leaf on them can get a little fiddly. Gold leaf gives a super finish to a stylish dessert at a dinner party or an epic cocktail party. If you haven’t worked with gold leaf before, you must know that it is flimsy and sticks to almost everything.

Enough of talking, here’s the recipe for you.

African Gilded Chocolate Truffle Ingredients

  • Dark Lindt Chocolate, at least 50% cocoa solids  (200g)
  • Butter (40g)
  • Single Cream (80 ml)
  • Amarula cream liqueur (30 ml)
  • Cocoa powder for dusting (1 tbsp)
  • Gold leaf paper (1 sheet)

How to make African Gilded Chocolate Truffles

  • Chop the chocolate bar into chunks and put them into a microwave-safe. Add single cream to the bowl. 
  • Microwave for one minute. Do not heat it more than one minute as the residual heat of the bowl will be enough to melt any bits of chocolate left unmelted. 
  • Beat the mixture until the chocolate melts completely. Then chop the butter into small pieces and add to the mixture while it’s warm. Beat once again until the butter is incorporated into the chocolate.
  • Add in the Amarula cream liqueur. When the batter cools down, cover the bowl with cling film and let it chill for several hours until firm.
  • Then get ready to roll the truffles. Put the cocoa powder onto a side plate and cut the gold leaf sheet into small pieces on another plate.
  • Scoop small nuggets of chocolate mixture with the Melon baller and quickly shape the truffle balls.
  • Dab the truffle balls lightly into the cocoa powder while leaving some areas of the ball. Place the gold leaf pieces lightly onto the truffle to create leopard-like markings. Press the pieces with the help of a soft brush to firm up. 
  • Leave the truffles at room temperature for about 20 minutes before serving them.

So, here you have it – the recipe to African Gilded Chocolate Truffles Recipe. This delish dish dessert will be an amazing experience you will never forget. You can prepare these truffles in an hour.

It’s time to dig in! Enjoy the luxury, folks!! 

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