All The Netflix Series That Got Renewed and Cancelled This Year

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If you are an avid Netflix watcher, then you know that it can be difficult to keep up with all the shows that you know and love. There are countless shows that are renewed and cancelled each season, and there is almost no way to keep up with all the information regarding the changes which each show will have.

This article will help to highlight a few key shows that were recently renewed and cancelled by Netflix. By supplying this article and a brief listing of shows, the hope is to make your life easier. Make the most of your time and avoid researching for hours online. 

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True film industry buffs who take serious stock of all shows will not be satisfied with the brief overview that the scope of this article provides. Fortunately, there are alternative resources that you can use to get a truly comprehensive look at which Netflix shows were renewed or cancelled.

We recommend checking out the list that experts at TV scorecards have complied. You can see a full list of cancelled shows this year. Online resources and the experts that provide information to them are diehard film buffs, so you do not have to be!

By checking out this list, you will have a full picture of what the Netflix landscape will look like for the foreseeable future, allowing you to plan more effectively and ration your time.

BoJack Horseman

The series BoJack Horseman is a classic animated comedy beloved by many viewers for numerous years and seasons. The series focuses on a BoJack, a horse and human hybrid, trying to make a comeback. BoJack was originally a big star on a 90’s sitcom, and the show depicts his attempt at regaining his fame.

This show was critically acclaimed and has high ratings on rotten tomatoes, IMDB, and many other sites which rate shows. This classic show will almost certainly be missed by casual viewers and diehard fans alike. Despite being an animated show, BoJack Horseman is not meant for children and contains a lot of swearing, drugs, alcohol, and adult themes. 


The series ‘Camping’ is one that Netflix decided to cancel. It features Award-winning actress Jennifer Garner and was produced by creators of popular series ‘Girls’, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.

The series is based on Kathryn and Walt, who have planned a delightful weekend in the woods for Walt’s birthday. Their weekend gets crashed by Kathryn’s sister, and hilarity ensues. Jennifer Garner plays Kathryn, who is a classic LA mother. Kathryn is thwarted in all her plans by her sister.

Although the series is now canceled, that does not mean that it is not worth watching. The positive thing about watching a canceled show is that you do not need to worry about waiting for more material to be released. This allows you to quickly binge and be done with the series. 

Stranger Things

Stranger things is an amazing series that is loved by many Netflix viewers. It follows a group of children through a crazy, sci-fi, fantasy, multidimensional escapade that covers all kinds of crazy ground. This series has been renewed by Netflix for a fourth season. If you have not yet watched this series then it should be prioritized because of how encapsulating and engaging the program can be. It is both wholesome, anxiety-inducing, and awe-inspiring.

Many of the actors cast in this series will surely be a mainstay on the Netflix series scene for years to come. The series also features star actress Winona Ryder, who plays a mother during the series. It is highly recommended that you get caught up on this series before the new season is released.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different Netflix series that got renewed and canceled this year. If you are a true lover of series and Netflix, then this list should help point you in the right direction and inform you about your favorite shows that have been renewed or canceled. We value your time, and so should you!

Time is finite for all of us, so do not waste yours by watching bad shows, or wasting time on the ones that have been canceled. It is so much more enjoyable to watch a series instead of researching facts on the internet about them which are readily available. If only one thing from this article has been corrected, the hope is that you have been impacted positively and you have improved your overall experience using Netflix.

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