All you need to know about awnings

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Most houses and cafes have a roof-like structure attached to their outdoors known as an awning. The structure of the awning is based on thin rods of different materials like steel, wood, and aluminum and has a canvas or acrylic cloth stretched on these rods. Awnings are known as markiser in the Norwegian language giving a nice ring to them. The main purpose behind the awning is that it protects the building from different outdoor elements like rain, snow, and sun-rays. Awning mainly acts as a shelter and can provide shade to various spaces like patios and porches. The harmful sun-rays and rain can affect the walls, windows, and doors of a building or house increasing the utility cost so an awning prevents the utility cost from increasing and give a different look to your place.

Advantages of various awning materials

Canvas is the most known and common awning material as it is exceptionally strong and provides the right grip to the rods. Canvas is comparatively less expensive than other materials and provides excellent durability and flexibility. Due to the strong material canvas can easily withstand outdoor conditions like snow, wind, and rain. Following canvas cotton is also a durable fabric as well as an environment-friendly material making it an excellent choice for the awning. Cotton is known for self-contouring properties that keep the material in place and is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and water making it a suitable choice for both warm and cold weather. Cotton can also be easily washed and cleaned.

Polyester is known for being hard but the breathable polymer is also used while manufacturing various products. The main feature of a polyester-based fabric is that it is translucent, depending on the colors. Polyester is resistant to many conditions like humidity, UV rays, and wrinkles and creases in every weather condition. Last but not least metal awning is the most strong awning and comparatively light-weight and is considered good for long-distance visibility. The metal aluminum can be easily painted into any color according to the exterior of the house and is low maintenance. Aluminum is considered to be the most effective metal as it is environment-friendly, less expensive than the other metals, and is easy to install.

Drawbacks of various awning materials

Managing the cotton awnings is a little technical as if they are not stretched properly they can sag. Due to the texture of canvas, it might give a rough look and might look out of place. While comparing awning prices of cotton are expensive than the canvas ones and they are not flame resistant and less durable than the other materials. Like other synthetic materials cotton does not hold properly and requires a waterproofing chemical to keep it intact for a longer time. Comparing polyester with other materials is relatively hard and people who prefer touch should not go for it. Moreover, polyester tends to fade due to exposure to the sun so if the awnings are exposed to the sun longer than their capacity they are susceptible to fading. As mentioned the most suitable metal for the metal awning is aluminum but it has few drawbacks like constant maintenance. The aluminum awnings need to be painted now and then to avoid the risk of rust and require cleaning carefully. Another drawback of an aluminum awning is that it cannot be rolled up like other awnings when not needed and are more prone to dents.


Awnings provide the house and building with comfort, style, and protection from external factors. It not only protects the house from the harmful UV rays but also protects you and your family from it as it can be proved dangerous for health. The installation of awnings requires a one-time investment as it saves you from future costs that you might have to spend on renovating your place. Awning adds a personality to a normal place making it special and eye-catching. Awnings keep the houses much cooler in summers reducing the use of air conditioners and lowering the electricity bills.

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