Alpha Males vs Beta Males: A Woman’s Perspective

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The alpha male versus beta male debate has been going on for some time. Do women generally favor alpha male traits that are supposedly more attractive?

The short answer is yes but a beta male isn’t all bad, and most men actually fall somewhere between the two. 

Who Is An Alpha Male?

An alpha male is a confident and strong-willed man who is usually but not always charismatic. He knows what he wants and is a classic go-getter who is a strong believer in self-improvement. It is primarily a mentality and approach to life that women love and other men respect. 

Who Is A Beta Male?

A beta male isn’t much different from the alpha on the surface because it isn’t a physical thing but he’s usually less confident and assertive than the average man (not the average alpha). He is also obedient, caring and kind, and these characteristics are definitely good but only in moderation. 

Unfortunately, he can also be obsessive and needy at the same time. When the last two traits are dominant or become very pronounced, a man becomes a beta male.

Who’s More Attractive?

Generally yes, women are more attracted to alpha males but you may be surprised to know that women don’t even use the terms “alpha” or “beta male” in day to day discussions about men. This is because what attracts us are certain personality traits in men, and it just so happens that men with more alpha mindsets tend to carry these traits. Furthermore, a man who is “too alpha” can be just as unattractive as a man who is “too beta” so, like all things in life, balance is important. 

Some Characteristics That Generally Differ Between Alpha Males and Beta Males


Most alpha males are confident and secure in themselves and this is a turn on for women. And this confidence cannot be feigned because we have a third sense for this type of thing. Furthermore, the confidence shouldn’t only by psychological. 

It is important to have a confident demeanor that manifests in upright but relaxed shoulders, often seen in alpha males. Beta males sometimes have slouched shoulders which is usually a dead giveaway that their confidence is in the gutter.  

No woman wants to deal with a man who isn’t confident because he may feel the need to degrade her to make himself feel better. 


Have you ever heard someone say “women like a man who takes charge”? Well, this is all assertiveness is. 

An alpha male is more likely to go for what he wants and do so swiftly and decisively. He knows what he wants and is ready to do whatever it takes to get it without procrastinating. The beta male is more likely to beat around the bush and throw hints instead of being forthcoming and direct. 

This is actually how a lot of men end up in the dreaded friend zone. It’s not because “women don’t like nice guys.” We actually love nice guys but nice guys are usually extremely passive.

Alphas Are The Really Nice Guys

Speaking of nice guys, most beta males put on a facade of being nice with an expectation to gain something in return (usually the affection of their love interest). You can usually find these types on social media complaining that “women don’t like nice guys”. They complain because they try to use their niceness as currency with women and it doesn’t work. 

True alphas are kind, polite, respectful, considerate and courteous with everyone (not just their love interest). Furthermore, they are naturally like this by nature and expect nothing but the same in return. 

A beta can also be a genuinely nice guy but a pushover whose kindness gets taken as weakness.  

Alphas Take Action

When problems arise, alpha males are more likely to take decisive action instead of complaining and making excuses. Betas, on the other hand, tend to have a victim mentality and often create situations or circumstances that allow them to explain why they are victims, instead of recognizing the problem, solving it, and applying possible solutions.


Another notable difference between alphas and betas is that alphas are usually more ambitious; meaning they’re always striving for higher heights in everything they do. This is not to say that betas aren’t ambitious, because they are; but they are just more likely to reach a certain point where they get comfortable and accept mediocrity. 

A woman finds strong ambition attractive because she knows that, should she start a family with an ambitious man, the family will always be provided for and improving financially. Furthermore, he will be a great example for their children to emulate. 

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