Alternatives to Watching Television

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Television has become such a common pastime in America that research estimates the average American watches five or more hours a day. Are you concerned that you may be watching too much TV? Are you bored with the programming and content available to you? Here are several suggestions for entertainment that don’t involve watching the tube, and might not involve any kind of screen device at all.

Board Games

Most people over the age of twenty-five grew up playing some type of board game. For a while after the dawn of the new millennium, it seemed as though this type of entertainment would become a thing of the past. But in the last several years, board games have begun to dramatically increase in popularity. In fact, the industry is currently valued at over a billion dollars. This increase may have been largely fueled by millennials looking for a way to rekindle the nostalgia of childhood, or who never stopped playing those games to begin with. There are now thousands of board games available, such as the Rise of Tribes board game, in every genre from strategy to cards to mock battles and invasions. There are even games based on crazy rules that require you to use a smartphone app in order to play the game! If you’re interested in this form of multi-person activity, there is undoubtedly at least one board game available that will suit you.

In-Person Meet-up Groups

People have always connected over common interests. With the advantage of the internet and social media, this has become easier than ever. There are now websites wholly dedicated to people joining interest-based groups and meeting up for local events. Do you have an interest in knitting? There are probably groups in your area for that. What about Latin dancing? That might be available too. Do you love extreme sports or monster-truck rallies? You can likely find groups for those not too far from you. In fact, whatever interest you have, whether common or obscure, there may be a group for you – and if there isn’t, you can always start your own!

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re concerned about your general screen time as well as just television time, the best alternative may be to put all the screens down and go outdoors regularly. If you have a domestic partner, pets or children, involve them and bring some outdoor games or sports equipment so that you can all have fun together. Being in the sunshine and fresh air has proven health benefits, and you’ll do not just your body but your mind a good turn by getting some outdoor exercise. Alternatively, if you dislike sports or if you live alone, why not plan hiking or biking trips in local parks and nature preserves? This way you can have the chance to get some exercise while seeing pleasant local scenery. Who knows, perhaps you’ll meet other people doing the same and possibly form some new friendships!

Hopefully you now have some great ideas for alternatives to watching too much television. There are many more options as well that have not been mentioned here. With a bit of creativity, you can begin to explore and expand your horizons, and perhaps even change your life in the process.

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