An Energy Shot You’ll Actually Love

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If you are like most Americans, you have used an energy drink or energy shot to get through the day recently. Our population is overworked, under-rested, and banged up by life.

We don’t sleep when we get the chance, either from stress, or because we are working a side hustle just to make ends meet. Whatever your personal scenario, the result is that we as a people are more tired than ever before. 

Most of us turn to energy drinks when our bodies reach this point so that we can face the day without hurting one of our co-workers or family members. Unfortunately, Most energy drinks just aren’t good.

Energy Drinks Don’t Have to Taste Bad (Even Though Most Do)

The first major market energy drink in the US was Red Bull. For a time period in the late 90s/ early 2000s, Red Bull was pretty much it. Because it was first, Red Bull was basically inventing the market as it went. 

Early energy drinks were developed to pack as many energy-boosting properties as possible in each can. Most of those chemicals have weird tastes or bitterness, so that is best covered with citric acid and sugar. Citric acid and sugar are basically the flavors of a classic yellow soda that is known for having a high sugar count.

A whole generation of energy drinks was made to mimic red bull. This mimicking went to varying degrees as far as packaging (some looked almost identical), But was pretty exact in the way the drink tasted.

As more energy drinks came about, the manufacturers figured a few things out. One was that citric acid and sugar will still cover a lot of sins, but that if you make the can bigger so the ingredients aren’t so concentrated, the flavor improves somewhat.

For years, this was as good as it got with energy drinks. When the first energy shots came out, they had different flavors but we’re over-sweetened, and with a non-caloric sweetener. This means that they had bitter aftertastes that overshadowed anything or other flavors.

There is now an alternative. Healthy energy shots allow you the benefit of caffeine and other green tea extracts for consistent and sustained energy, while actually tasting like something you want to drink! 

Healthy energy shots get all of the benefits of classic energy Shots, but in a package that can be enjoyed. They are flavored with fruit and vegetable juices and contain no added sweeteners. 

No sweeteners mean no weird aftertastes. That means that every healthy energy shot will taste like what it says on the label.

One of the other drawbacks to traditional energy drinks is that they often have so many sugar calories and caffeine that you spike high blood sugar. Once your blood sugar spikes, your body responds by producing insulin. That insulin will cause your body to crash shortly after your initial spike.

 Healthy energy shots don’t abuse your body like that. Each energy shot has a reasonable amount of caffeine and green tea extract. With minimal amounts of sugar coming from the juices, your body can avoid that post energy drink crash that hits most people as their energy drinks wear off.

Healthy energy shots come in actual flavors of real foods like blackberry or peach-mango. With no artificial flavor, this means they will actually taste like what they are supposed to be. 

In summary, if you typically dislike energy drinks or shots, healthy energy shots may be the right one for you. Natural flavors, no artificial colors or ingredients, and green tea-based extracts to keep your brain firing at fully charged.

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