An Expert Brief on Picking a Hat Based on Your Facial Features

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Considering the different hat styles available in the market, it becomes challenging to pick a perfect hat that suits you. If you have tried many kinds with no success, there is one factor that you can consider: your face shape. It is a myth that only certain people can pull hats. One needs to only pull them off by knowing how to style the hats. 

Apart from face shape helping you decide on the perfect haircut and spectacles, it can also help you decide about your ideal hat. Different face shapes include long, round, heart, diamond, and square.

Hats for Long Faces

Long faces need to minimize the length of your face. Therefore, you can wear a hat with brims that cut across your forehead. Caps for this category include the following:

  • Wide brim hats, including straw hats and sun hats, are ideal for a long face. 
  • Someone who has a Southern-style can experiment with cowboy hats. Apart from the wide brim, cowboy hats possess a slight height, offering an elongated appearance.
  • Trapper hats possess flaps on both sides of your head and balance the long face feature. However, make sure you select a trapper that fits snuggly. You can buy hats for big heads by keeping in mind the part of your face to downplay.

Hats for Round Faces

Many people believe that people with round faces have to seek hats made for fat people. However, this is a myth, and all one needs to do is grab a hat for smooth features.

  • Fedoras have a characteristic of a shallow crown and are angular. Such a hat style also has a narrow brim that reduces the appearance of a round face’s symmetrical features.
  • Angled hats, such as Panama hats, also possess angled features to contrast the elements of a round face.
  • Beanies are a perfect fit for the winter season. A beanie exposes more parts of your face than other hats, and doing this downplays the rounded features. You can also set the beanie at the back of your head to show more of your face, creating a delusional, more extended look. Several companies have different beanies for kids and adults, some with pom pom, whereas others are simple or customized. 

Hats for Square Faces

A square face needs a hat with rounded accents that downplays a square face’s angular characteristics, unlike round faces. 

  • Floppy hats add softer elements to the face. You can also try sunhats. Such caps provide a fashionable look, along with providing little shade.
  • People with square faces can also try wide brims. Make sure the projection of the hat is round. You can even opt for anything from a feminine style to a masculine one and features as the perfect gift.
  • Cloches have a rounded appearance from the brim to the crown. Softening the square face, it offers a vintage look.

Hats for Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a prominent cheekbone with a heart-shaped face, you should avoid hats with a narrow crown. You can choose a structured cap that is narrow at the top that balances the narrow chin of the person. Manufacturers, including, offer their customers hats and hat accessories to suit all face shapes and sizes. 

  • Baseball caps perfectly complement heart-shaped faces. The brim stays in front of the face, which is why you need not worry about adding extra width on the sides. Since baseball caps comprise a fitted crown, it subtly adds to the specific face elements of a heart-shaped face.
  • Newsboy caps do not add much width to the face. The straight lines, coupled with the slight angle of the brim, creates a sense of symmetry in your jawline. Such flat caps are ideal for people seeking a vintage look.
  • Fedoras balance the proportion between the forehead and the chin. The pointed top creates asymmetry with the heart-shaped faces’ prominent chin.
  • A thin-knit beanie keeps you warm and does not add much bulk to the head. Since the broadest part of heart-shaped faces lies at the top, a thinner hat is the best to downplay the features.

Hats for Diamond-Shaped Faces

People with the diamond-shaped face should adjust hats slightly on the backside of the head. Such a step helps in maintaining the proportions from your jawline to the forehead. 

  • Flat caps are perfect for narrow forehead features. It draws attention away from the forehead successfully. You can also use a pork pie hat to add extra width. They contrast the narrow chin, so you do not need to set it back on the head.
  • Wide-brimmed fedoras are an ideal style for diamond-shaped faces. The wide brim adds more width to the top of the head and looks perfect with the narrow jawline.
  • Outback hats constitute a narrow crown that maintains the proportion of the face. It is quite similar to a wide-brimmed fedora. 
  • Beanies offer a slouchy style that provides an ideal proportion to a diamond-shaped face.

Selecting the ideal hat for your face shape can accentuate the features, balancing the face. You can use the above information to settle for the best hats suiting your face shape. 

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