Are Press Release services a waste of money?

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One of the main reasons press release distribution service is not as effective as it is advertised is because of how poorly it is written. Considering the main goal is to target the audience and increase business revenues, this service might actually be counterproductive in this regard. The question then raises if they are even able to generate the media reach and success that they promise. If we consider it on a principal level, press releases should be effective enough to justify the production cost that’s made to secure better media coverage. 

To understand this better, it is important to draw a comparison between what you will be promised about press releases and what you should be expecting. 

SEO value

It’s the way it’s written. Either the title is poorly written, or the headline is irrelevant to the product. This results in you losing the attention of the reader and hence, creating further confusion. Because you are already paying the writers, it’s an additional cost that’s yielding no definite results. It then goes to journalists who don’t have enough time to go through them all. Because there are no backlinks provided, it doesn’t provide media coverage as the shortcuts aren’t available. Lastly, because the younger journalists see them as an “old school” method to get media attention, no one really reads press releases or engages with them 

Publishing Process

Even if you are able to come up with a well-written press release, the chances are really high that the journalist skimming through them will skip them. Because most of them do not even give a minute to each press release, it results in a really damaging process detrimental to the quality of the content. It’s true that the best press release distribution service helps you make announcements for new product releases. But because a lot of companies are already using the service just to get their name in press/news, there’s a fair chance your press release will get ignored or face delays in publishing. 

Media relations 

If you’re new in the market and don’t have strong media contacts, the process will become harder for you. Most press releases get picked up by journalists even if they lack content. This is because they have strong social media relations. Since that’s unavailable to you at initial stages of business, getting prominence within the current market structures then becomes extremely costly. 

At the end of the day, no matter what you write, it’s the journalist who has the ultimate control over what gets published. Especially if you are not paying for the best press release distribution services, the final article might not consist of everything you wanted to say. Since it doesn’t have any direct returns to profit, you’ll be investing in something that doesn’t lead to definite results. Know that the market structure is highly competitive which creates a lot of issues with writing, publishing, or distributing a press release. Press release distribution service isn’t as effective as it’s advertised on social media

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