Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Review

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Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet is a suitable and best JPMA certified bassinet for babies of up to 5 months. It allows mothers to breastfeed the baby quickly, especially at night and comes with convenient storage underneath to store things like baby toys, pacifiers, and blankets. Whatever you need for your baby is right where you are. It has four rails and quick and easy access to the baby and protects the baby. It also reduces back strain experienced in bending to pick babies. Find out more unusual features of arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews and know why it the best for your newborn baby.

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Product Specification

Dimension20 inches X 33.8 inches X 34 inches
Target GenderUnisex
Battery RequiredNo


  • Easy to assemble, not challenging to put together like other products. You can assemble it by reading the easy-to-read guide that comes with the product.
  • It has a good deal of mesh for great breath-ability and visibility; these features allow cross ventilation in the Bassinet and reduces the chances of suffocation and heat. Also, follow ASTM Guideline.
  • Its made with a role down to enable you to reach out to your baby at night when you want to breastfeed or soothe the baby if he/she cries.
  • The wheels make it movable from room to room. It can be moved to where you want it to go. It has locks to secure its positions—no worries about it moving out of place.
  • Made from high-quality wood, not plastic, this ensures durability, and you are assured that your baby is in safe hands.
  • Easily attached and detached from the bed, not all co-Sleeper can be adjusted to the height of your bed. It can be locked upright or lowered, and the feature is specific to this model.
  • You can use it as a freestanding bassinet because it has leg extenders. You can adjust it to the height you want. Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet has four different height setting two inches apart
  • Sides are made of mesh to allow air circulate easily and see what your baby is doing every time.


  • Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet comes with features most bassinets in the market don’t have, but it a bit pricey; you will have to pay the price to get it.

Do I need Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co Sleeper Bassinet Reviews

Sleeping with your baby on the same bed is hazardous. You are prone to things like rolling over your baby while you are both sleeping. To prevent such from happening, both you and your baby need to have your own sleeping space.

Arm Reach Concept Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet allows your baby to sleep comfortably next to you, that why we called it a Bedside bassinet. This Bassinet enables you to quickly draw your baby close for feeding and comforting to strengthen the mother and child bonding. Alos the Bassinet becomes assertion nowadays. APP also recommend using Bassinet. Check an in-depth article about: do you need a bassinet?

Specially designed to make breastfeeding easy, especially when you are sleeping at night. It is the ideal solution for parents worried about the safety and comfort of their babies. Easy to assemble and has convenient storage underneath that brings all you need to take care of your baby in one place.

It is packed with transparent nylon that makes you see what you want to but before you do. Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet package comes with a mattress, removable, washable fabric lining, fitted sheet, and Nylon attachment & plate.

There is a lot more to read in our arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews, So let’s get started.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co Sleeper Bassinet Reviews & Features

I almost lost my first son three months after having him. On that fateful day, after I bathed and breastfed him, he slept off. About an hour later, when I came to check upon him. He had rolled to the edge of the bed and had wrapped one of my tops around his neck. This shouldn’t happen to your baby.

Join me let me take you through the fantastic features of this product in buy arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews.

1.) Good Mesh For Breathability & Visibility:-

This feature allows you to keep an eye on the baby at all, especially when he/she wakes up at night. It permits mothers to be close to the baby for secure bonding. The meshing allows a good breath-ability and ensures that your baby doesn’t get overheated. You know that babies and heat are enemies. The mesh also allows free flow of air, which reduces to almost zero the chances of suffocation. These two feature increases the comfort of your baby in the Bassinet, why are you buying this product? If not for comfort.

2.) Easy Mobility:-

Of course, Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet was designed to be placed at the side of the bed, it has a removable side that allows you to reach your baby and soothe your baby at night in case you have to. However, in addition to those features, it is portable. It has four wheels, which make it moveable from one room to another. It is possible to detach Cambria Co-Sleeper from the bed and set as a stand-alone bassinet, and this replaces the leg extenders.

3.) Easy to Assemble & Use:-

Cambria Bassinet is very easy to assemble; it takes less than 20 minutes. A product made for nursing mothers shouldn’t be made difficult to use; they many things to worry about, a bassinet shouldn’t join the list. The manufacturer made the product so easy to arrange. The Bassinet has a sidebar that comes off easily, and this makes lifting out of the Bassinet easy; you know that the way you raise your baby out of bed can sometimes cause back pain not only for you but also for your baby. The product has leg extenders that make it easy to adjust its height to suit your convenience.

3.) Convenient Storage Underneath:-

It comes with two underneath storage space that reduces the burden on nursing babies. You can keep things, baby diapers, milk water, and other baby products. You would agree with me that nothing stresses a nursing mother than having to move around to get her baby materials. With Arm Reach Concepts Cambria, you won’t even have to worry about bending over to get those things. The product places them within your reach; it is the best product for mothers recovering from C-section, This is the primary reason to write arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews.

4.) Comes with Everything You Need:-

Arm’s Reach comes with other things that would make nursing your baby fun to do. It has a fitted sheet, nylon strap and plate, and a fitted sheet. The product is made with leg extension that fit all types of bed. The best this about this product is, Its a JPMA and CPC Certified bassinet. You can use an absorbent pad similar to those used for tables to absorb diaper leaks. This Bassinet can accommodate alternative bed sheets, in case the sheet that comes with the product gets stained with an irremovable stain. Babies are lovely creatures; they can stain surfaces easily.

5.) Certified and Safe for Your Baby:-

Babies are fragile; the first few months of their existence is spent adjusting the new environment. The safety of the baby is essential either when he/she is eating or sleeping. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet safe for infants under six months. It is the first co-sleeping product to be patented and declared safe to be securely attached to the parent’s bed. It meets the BS EN 1130 safety Standard. Endorsed by paediatricians, and baby experts around the world as the best product to give your product a sound and safe sleep. Lest not forget that this co-sleeper is great for breastfeeding. 

I hope you like our arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews and it helps you to make a valuable Decision.

How to Assemble Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co Sleeper Bassinet?

Before you assemble, we would like to tell you that when you are constructing, leave all screw slightly loosened till all parts have been assembled; you can tighten the screw when you are done assembling.

Follow these easy steps to assemble your Bassinet

  1. You then attach the storage basket to the side rail with the four screws made available at the end of the rails. Using Velcro flap cover the short rail, then attach Velcro all through.
  2. Drop sleeping nest between the curved side rails. Attach the back rail to the right and left curved rails with the screw you will provide at the end of the rail.
  3. Fix the removable rail from the left side of the front that connects to your bed into the rail located in the side rail.
  4. Fix the stationary rail into the left and right rail you made in step 2
  5. Attach the Velcro on the inside of the removable rail
  6. Fix the storage basket through the loop at the base of the sleeping nest and secure each leg. Cover the rail handles with its covers. Your Bassinet is ready in a freestanding position.

Final Word

The first five months is a very critical moment in your baby’s life. The baby needs to rest and sleep well. While the baby sleeps, I am sure you want your baby’s safety and his/her security.

It brings safety and comfort within your reach. It is the first Bassinet to be patented and approved to be used with the adults’ bed. It is a safe alternative to bed-sharing.

If you had your baby through C-section, you need this product to save from bending and moving, which your body may not ready for yet. It is moveable, can be transferred to want it anywhere, and also has wheel locks.

Cambria Bassinet was made with mesh on four sides for breath-ability and visibility; this promotes airflow and allows you to see what the child is doing at all times. It designed in a way to make breastfeeding easy even at night, and it is movable. It has all features you need to have the first five months of nursing your baby a pleasure.

Now, it’s your turn, let me know how you like our arm’s reach concepts cambria co sleeper bassinet reviews, Drop your valuable opinion in the comment box and let me know if you have any questions in mind.

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Credit: Sakshi Patel, Senior Content Writer at Getforbaby.

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