Artificial Intelligence in Household Application´┐Ż

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More and more we come across artificial intelligence in everyday life: on thousands of websites, ranging from banks to online livecasinos, from household appliances to every smartphone.

For example, a smart home system. It can unlock doors by face analysis or, alternatively, open the gate in front of cars of certain brands with a specific number, adjust the temperature in the room due to your preferences, keep an eye on children and pets, select music for the mood, etc.

AI can also monitor cleanliness and if the space is not clear enough, launch the cleanup program. Also, it may call emergency services if it detects a dangerous threat to the life or people’s health.

There is AI in modern smartphones, but mostly in a narrow vein – in camera software, in order to improve the result in one way or another. True, lately AI has been sewn into the face unlock system, which, on the one hand, is already a result, but on the other, a controversial result, because there are already many guides on how to deceive it.

Chatbots, which are widely known today, are also based on AI algorithms. It’s not about just answering questions due to some database, but about conducting a full-fledged conversation. In some cases you might not understand that you are talking with an algorithm, but not a real human. Chatbots can be used in support on service websites, live casinos, online stores and so on.

Usage of AI takes place in entertainment platforms with games or other content. Based on behavioral features, smart algorithms select videos, photos, texts, live casino games, music according to certain user’s interests. This takes into account not only the fact of choice, but also how much time user spent or how many times user revisited the page.

Of course, household AI is still very young. Well, electricity also gradually entered our lives, and what seemed like a toy for the rich in the early 1900s became commonplace in the 2000s.

Usage of Al algorithms does not bordered only in mentioned spheres. Moreover, it takes place in heavy industry, manufacturing, agriculture and many other spheres. But the fact that AI is becoming not just a trend – it is turning into a part of our life. Maybe in some days, we could imagine life without Al, just as we no longer imagine the world without Internet.

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