At a Loose End? Discover 5 Productive Things You Can Do Today

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The idea of free time sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Free time to use as you please. Not worrying about deadlines, work or other responsibilities – what’s not to love? The truth is when we finally get hold of some free time, very few of us know what to do with it. 

There’s no worse feeling than being stuck at a loose end, wondering how to spend the rest of your day. And before you know it, your free time is over. Or, even worse – you’ve spent your entire day scrolling backwards and forwards through social media, opening and closing the same 3 apps all day long. 

To help you make the most of your time, check out these 5 productive things you can do today. 

Print your photos

We all have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos and screenshots stored on our phones. We’ve all taken great pictures, saved them into albums and forgotten all about them. If something happened to your phone or you lost these memories, you’d be understandably devastated. So, if you’re at a loose end today, why not take some time to bring your favourite moments to life? Select the pictures you love the most and have them transformed into custom size canvas prints from Hello Canvas. It’ll take you longer to sift through all those photos than you think, and you can spend more free time deciding where you’re going to hang your new canvas prints. 

Enjoy some time outdoors

When was the last time you went outdoors and enjoyed the fresh air? Whether you’re homeschooling or you’re working in your home office, fresh air can be difficult to come by, especially during the winter months. Take some time to step outdoors and take it all in, maybe plug in a podcast for company on your walk or just enjoy the moment. Just 30 minutes outside can help you destress and lower your blood pressure.


Got a pile of books gathering dust in the corner? There’s never been a better time to pick one up. You might not be “in the mood” to read but turn a few pages and you’ll soon change your mind. If you don’t fancy diving into a fantasy or romantic world right now, why not try something new, like a self-help book?

Plan your next vacation or trip

You don’t have to part with any money to plan your next vacation or trip. But when the world fully reopens again, it’ll be nice to have an idea of where you want to visit first. Ask yourself if there’s anywhere you’ve always wanted to see? Or even a landmark you’ve always wanted to check out – start to plan your dream trip from there.

And finally, pick up a new hobby

There’s never been a better time to try a new hobby or skill. And no matter how much money or space at home you have, there’s something for everyone. From roller-skating in your backyard to learning how to crochet, try a new skill – you never know where it might lead you. 

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