Online Yoga: Glo Offers Access to Calming Teachings

Education is an important aspect of yoga; having access to a teacher who speaks your language makes all the difference in the world, especially when you are looking for something like inner-peace. Glo answers that call by offering online yoga and giving you access to qualified teachers. How Does it Work? Glo has an easy setup that makes it easy for yoga teachers to connect to students who are ready to receive the right instruction. It all starts with three simple questions mostly focused … [Read more...]

Le-Vel Thrive Review: A Seller’s Perspective

When it comes to MLM and direct selling companies, there’s certainly no shortage. There’s a reason for that — direct selling provides a number of attractive benefits for emerging businesses. Rather than hiring, training, and outfitting an army of in-house sales people, these companies essentially outsource the entire sales process to freelancers. This saves a significant amount in startup capital for the new business. At the same time, the freelance sales people become owners and operators of … [Read more...]

5 yoga poses for office workers

Every time we turn on the radio we’re told sitting is the new smoking. And if you work in an office you know how uncomfortable sitting all day can be. But what are we supposed to do with that information when, for most of us, the majority of our day is spent in a sitting position. The average day is spent sitting; starting with breakfast, continuing during our commute to work, then at our desk for eight hours, the commute again and finally collapsing on the couch, binge watching the latest … [Read more...]

Understanding the Advantages of Personal Training

What is personal training? Personal training is a type of private practice where a private trainer is hired to teach personal fitness goals and exercise as well. The person who gives training is a personal trainer, and he/ she is a man who expertise and have a degree in this field. It’s personal training where the main target is to make a client motivate for personal fitness, including educating and coaching clients for this purpose to make him/her fit and healthy. Shortly, we can say that … [Read more...]

10 Adverse Effects of Orthodontic Treatment – Especially For Teens

The aims of the treatment also align with the goals of therapeutic therapies, i.e., fitness, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. In addition to its advantages, orthodontic treatment, like any other medical practice, also has associated risks and complications. The risk of "harming" in orthodontics is substantially lower compared with other medical procedures, e.g., surgical. An article prepared by Dr. Pitner.  Unwanted side effects, both regional and systemic, might occur during … [Read more...]

Why Should You Let Your Child Play Outside? Essential Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids

In this time and age, kids should spend at least an average of 30 minutes of play outside instead of spending time on electronics such as tablets, smartphones, computers, or televisions. Letting them swap their outdoor life to gadgets would only encourage a sedentary lifestyle, and it will have severe consequences for their overall health and well-being.  Children that are physically active and healthy are more likely to become more well-rounded, more independent, and more compassionate … [Read more...]

Beauty Mommy’s Hack: 10 Essential Microneedling Aftercare Tips At Home

Microneedling is a procedure used by some dermatologists to treat different skin conditions. Many small sterile needles are used to penetrate the skin and inflict physical damage. Microneedling improves collagen production and other healing factors, causing skin trauma. Collagen is the main protein that makes the skin look young, strong, smooth, and stretchy. Aging allows collagen to decline in the skin, which will enable wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. The skin may also lose collagen … [Read more...]

My Perspective on Why People Fail to Accomplish Their Fitness Goals

It wasn’t until recently I started taking care of my fitness. I wasn’t fat earlier; however, I wasn’t in an ideal shape. Having never been to the gym, I was afraid I will make a foot out of myself the first time I am going to enter the gym and use the equipment there. With no experience of using them, I didn’t want to give anyone the impression that I am a novice here. This thought held me for a long time from joining the gym. However, last year, I finally took the plunge, decided to through my … [Read more...]