Aveda Spa at Macy’s Review for Fall Spa Week 2013

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary service at Aveda Spa at Macy’s in exchange for my honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted to receive a free service at a spa in exchange for my review and helping promote Spa Week 2013 – now, who in the world could turn down a free visit to a spa? Definitely not me! I have to say this is one of my favorite reviews I have ever done! 🙂

The Aveda Salon and Spa at Macy's Review for Spa Week 2013 | Optimistic Mommy{Credit: Spa Week}

The spa I got to review was Aveda Spa at Macy’s in Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati, OH. Did you know that Macy’s had a spa? I sure didn’t! It’s on the 4th floor (again, didn’t even know there was a fourth floor to Macy’s) near the houseware items. I love how open and bright the front of the spa is. It’s very warm and inviting. The receptionist who asked me what they could help me with was very friendly and asked me if she could get me anything to drink while I waited for the lady who was going to do my nails. It’s so nice that they will do this!

My manicurist/pedicurist was Missy Wiseman. Let me tell you – she is so awesomely funny and nice! Funny thing is, we got to talking and she lives just about 10 minutes fro mme! Small world, especially when the salon is in Tri-County.

We first did the manicure. If you get a manicure, make sure that you get the paraffin treatment with it – it feels so good and leaves your skin nice and smooth! Since we have had a couple cooler days my hands were already starting to get kind of dry, but this took care of it! And almost a week later, and my hands are still smooth! I absolutely love the purple we chose for my nails – so pretty!

Manicure I Received at Aveda Spa and Salon at Macy's for Fall 2013 Spa Week | Optimistic Mommy

After the manicure was my pedicure – which is always my favorite! I love how the manicure room is just that – in a room itself. Makes it a lot more relaxing, in my opinion. I love the soaking of my feet in the spa tub they go in – so nice! You don’t get a paraffin treatment like with your hands since that would be extremely messy and hard to do, but you do get a “mask” type deal and it makes your feet and legs/calves nice and smooth! Check out the pretty red that we did for my toes:

Pedicure I Received at Aveda Spa and Salon at Macy's for Fall 2013 Spa Week | Optimistic Mommy

I am extremely happy with the experience I had at Aveda Salon & Spa at Macy’s. Missy was fantastic! I definitely reccommend asking for her if you decide to go.

Spa week has become a bi-annual event which is held nationwide every April and October that helps focus on the health and wellness of consumers. For the fall it is being held October 14th through the 20th! Booking began September 16th so I definitely recommend booking your appointment ASAP so that you get a spot! There are several $50 treatment options available, including:

  • 50 minute Aveda Signature Swedish Massage
  • 50 minute Aveda Elemental Nature Facial or Aveda’s men’s Pure-Formance Facial
  • Manicure with paraffin treatment and pedicure or hair cut, conditioning treatment and finish

For $50 these are definitely great deals! I think I’m going to book an appointment for the hair cut, conditioning treatment and finish for October 19th – since my wedding anniversary is the 20th I want to look good for it. 🙂

To find a spa near you that is participating and get your appointment booked, make sure that you visit Spa Week’s website! What treatment do you think you will/would pick?

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  1. I wish my Macy’s had this!!!

  2. My Macy’s surely doesn’t have one and I wouldn’t have turned down a spa invite either. I need one right now. Happy you enjoyed your spa date. 🙂

  3. I love the parafin treatment. It makes my hands feel so good. Good for yu for getting a Spa day.

  4. My Macy’s used to have a salon, but they closed it a few years back. I think the one in Boston has a spa, but I don’t want to fight the traffic when I pass by 40 other spas to get there 🙂

  5. Oh wow I could so do with this myself right now – I could just imagine relaxing and being pampered 🙂 x

  6. I don’t think I knew that there was a spa there. WOW! Nice treat!

  7. Luxury , woohoo 😉

  8. I love Macy’s and didn’t know they had a spa! I certainly could use a day of pampering. Next time I am in Macy’s I will have to check them out.

  9. Oh my goodness! I could totally go for a spa trip! I also didn’t know macy’s had a spa, but that is awesome!

  10. Are you kidding me!? I would love a spa date for free! Though $50 bucks for a spa package sounds fantastic as well! Heading over to check out what’s available in my area!

  11. Looks awesome! If we had a Macys Id def check it out!

  12. You are so lucky!! I would love to have a day at the spa on someone else!!

  13. Love your finger nail color, so vibrant

  14. Oh, I would love to have attended this. I need some spa treatments. 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful time.

  15. I love the parafin treatment, I use it for my feet and hands.

  16. Definitely such a lovely experience!

    It’s so fun especially when the person doing the service to you makes you feel comfortable, right?:D

  17. I didn’t know Macy’s had a spa! I definitely need to check this out sometime. 🙂

  18. Strangely enough I’ve never had a pedicure before. I would love to though. Our Macy’s store is being rebuilt , maybe when they are done we have a spa as well.

  19. Oh how I would looooove to be able to have a spa treatment!

  20. Macy’s is one of my favorite places to shop so I would definitely go there to get the full spa treatment, especially with how well they pampered you.

  21. I love the Aveda spa. We have one near us!!

  22. Congratulation on your anniversary, you definitely is going to look great after visiting Aveda Spa at Macy�s. Amazing spa, I wish I could get some spa care. Would love manicure & pedicure for sure.

  23. Nope, no idea that Macy’s has a spa! That is a super deal and affordable.

  24. Oh my gosh, this just sounds amazing. I could totally use a spa day like this! How fun!

  25. Oh I wish I could have a pamper day like this. A massage is what I needed the most.

  26. Oh I’m so jealous. What a fantastic day! Everyone woman could use this! Your nails look great!

  27. I need a spa day! haha everyone needs one

  28. Spa days are THE BOMB. I never really thought about them once, but after a luxurious spa day gift for my 30th birthday, I am ADDICTED.

  29. so lucky. i wish i could get a spa day or something… i’d feel so much better after 😛

  30. this reminded me that I haven’t had a mani-pedi in so long!


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