Awesome Beachfront Bars And White Sand�The Joy Of Clearwater

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Some of the most fabulous beaches in the United States are found in Clearwater, Florida. And if you are planning a trip to Clearwater, you should arm yourself with a lot of sunscreen lotion because the one thing you will get aplenty while you’re on vacation here is sunlight. Clearwater averages around 240 sunny days in a year, a lot more than most places in the United States.

Clearwater, apart from its breathtaking beaches, is also surrounded by oceanfront eateries and bars. With something to suit every mood, be it adventurous activities like paddle-boarding or an escape into the wilderness, Clearwater has it all. And once you have appeased your thirst for adventure, you can relax on the sandy beach and soak in the sun till you yearn to visit a bar in Clearwater beach or gorge on the vast array of delicious food.

Here’s a glimpse of the exciting adventures that await you at Clearwater.

A beach for every mood

You have 35 miles of the finest beaches in America to choose from. From swaying sea oats on pristine, calm beaches to the exciting sandy heavens with their fair share of sports activities like water sports, volleyball games, and Frisbee, Clearwater has all this and more. But one thing they all have in common; they are stunningly beautiful, with clear white sands that escape smoothly through your clenched fist.

It can get hot on the beach, and gulping down a chilled beer on the sandy beaches may seem like a great idea, but you will have to make do with sodas and cold drinks to satiate your thirst, as alcohol is prohibited on the beach. You can gulp it down on the sly. Who’s to know? But hey, are you sure you want to risk getting caught?

Don’t let this get you down, as the beachfront has plenty of bars and restaurants to appease your thirst. The bars at Clearwater are a short distance away from the beach, and you are practically on the beach as you sip on your favorite brew while you listen to live music in Clearwater Beach Fl restaurants!

The beach is safe and easily accessible. Since the boardwalk is aligned with the bars in Clearwater Beach and eateries, it is the perfect place to vacation. The calm surfing conditions are a draw, as is the soft and fine sand.

Clearwater, a foodie’s heaven

The delicious array of food and live music in Clearwater Beach Fl can satisfy the most discerning palette. Some of the best restaurants in Clearwater are located on the beachfront, making it easy for sun-worshippers to drop in for a bite of food or a chilled drink when they get hungry. Seafood is undoubtedly a popular food choice. With the catch-of-the-day items on the menu, you are assured of fresh seafood. Some of the best restaurants in Clearwater serve mouthwatering seafood and Mexican dishes.

Many of the bars in Clearwater have outdoor patios and open-air seating, allowing visitors to enjoy their meals with the sea breeze tugging at their hair. The popular places have local craft beers and live music. Handcrafted cocktails are all the rage, especially among the ladies. Many places cater to the needs of young tourists and have a large variety of milkshakes and desserts.

The waterfront is dotted with eateries, and there is something to suit everyone’s taste. The enticing aroma of delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere draws the crowds, and it is always buzzing with activity.

Sampling the cuisine

Travelling gives you the opportunity to sample the flavors of the place you are visiting. Food items like the Cuban sandwich, stuffed piquillo peppers, and mojitos are some of the favorites.

A popular staple, with the locals and the visitors, is the hummus. Drizzled with chipotle lime crema, it is topped with Queso Fresco and served with crispy corn tortilla chips. You can also enjoy your seafood platter at one of the many food outlets on the beachfront as you enjoy the boats going by. As live music in Clearwater Beach Fl is popular in most restaurants, eating out is an enjoyable experience.

The food is hearty, and the atmosphere unpretentious in most of the eateries. Be it tender steaks, hand-cut veal, or lamb chops – there is something for everyone. Many of the restaurants serve all-day breakfast and lunch to satisfy the needs of the tourists. Portions are large and can easily serve two. These bars in Clearwater are a favorite with the locals too. Omelets are an all-time favorite breakfast choice. Steak and eggs and waffles loaded with whipped cream and fruits are other favorites. There is a variety of fare for the health-conscious too. Organic fruits and veggies are on the menu, as are grass-fed protein dishes.

Popular comfort food

Some trendy places on the beach walk serve delicious comfort food. They have popular food choices such as rice bowls, tacos, sandwiches, and seafood on their menu. And yes, salads, too, are available in these places. A wide selection of Italian wines and local beers complete the meal. Most places are child-friendly and have an assortment of dishes for the kids to choose from.

However, there is a lot more going on in Clearwater eateries than seafood! It would interest you to know that culinary stars such as Chris Ponte, Greg Baker, and Ferrell Alvarez have roots in the Tampa Bay area.

Clearwater is a paradise with its pristine beauty and its gastronomic delights. The choices are many, and the array of culinary talent, astounding. This makes zeroing in on a place to eat a daunting task. But hey! You can try something new each day of your vacation!

This melting pot of cuisines has exotic foods such as Italian, Spanish, Sushi, Mexican, French, and Southern American cuisines in its repertoire. Whatever your taste buds desire, it’s probably available in Clearwater.

Yes, it can get overwhelming. But there’s always a next time!

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