5 Awesome Reasons to Have a Family Holiday in Singapore

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Planning a family vacation but not yet settled on a destination? Why not head to Singapore? Here are exciting reasons to have a family holiday in Singapore.

More Americans are traveling abroad than ever before.

But, there are so many destinations to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide where to go next. If you’re planning a family vacation, you need to think carefully about somewhere which is fun for adults and kids at the same time.

Why not head to Singapore? 

Check out the reasons why Singapore is the perfect way to spend a family holiday. Let’s go!

1. The Weather Is Warm

You can visit Singapore throughout the year to enjoy the warm and tropical climate. Leave your warm clothes behind and bring your sandals and shorts. 

You’ll be able to bask in the sun for the whole day. Escape to the AC in the shopping malls when you’ve had enough.

If you want to catch Singapore in the dry season, arrive sometime between February and April. 

2. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Singapore has a reputation as being extremely expensive. Do you imagine not being able to afford hotels or eating in restaurants?

Well, actually Singapore is quite affordable. The public transport is inexpensive. You can even buy a tourist pass to get around the city without any trouble.

If you’re on a budget, you can also find plenty of delicious street food for low prices. Plus, many of the tourist attractions are absolutely free of charge.

3. The Food Is Delicious

If there is one thing that Singaporeans are proud of, it is the cuisine.

They have yummy Chinese food, spicy Indian cuisines, and authentic Malay dishes. You can also get your hands on almost any international cuisine you could imagine.

This melting pot of tasty treats can be enjoyed by the whole family. Check out one of the Hawker centers to experiment with a wide variety of dishes. 

4. It’s Safe and Clean 

Singapore is the second safest city in the world after the Japanese capital of Tokyo. You can be confident that you and your family are safe walking around the streets here. 

The locals are also very proud of the clean streets. You won’t find any trash around the streets here. There are high fines for anyone who throws litter.

5. There Is Fun for the Whole Family

There is so much to do in this amazing city. You can head to Universal Studios to experience the rides yourself. 

Take a visit to the zoo! This is one of the most famous and amazing zoos anywhere in the world. You’ll see everything from elephants and baboons to komodo dragons and tigers. 

The iconic Gardens by the Bay are magical. You need to see the amazing Supertree Grove structures once during the daytime and again when it gets dark. 

Enjoy Your Family Holiday in Singapore

If you’re looking for a family holiday for everyone to enjoy, look no further than the city island of Singapore. Once you spend a vacation here, you’ll never want to leave.

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