Ayurvedic Ways To Manage Diabetes Naturally

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Diabetes is a disorder that impairs your body’s capacity to respond to insulin, resulting in improper glucose metabolism and high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is one of the most frequent health problems that millions of people encounter around the world.

Diabetes is referred to as madhumeha in Ayurveda, and one of the treatments for it is to avoid overeating sugar and simple carbs. Diabetes management is complex but not impossible. A few lifestyle adjustments can assist you in maintaining and controlling your sugar levels.

In reality, Ayurveda offers a few suggestions and ayurvedic medicine for diabetes for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment

Natural is better, and these Ayurvedic diabetes remedies are proof of that!

1.     Bitter Gourd Juice

It is one of the most effective diabetes treatments and has a high concentration of antioxidants and bioactive substances, which have hypoglycemic properties. Patients should take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The patient should swallow nearly 30 mL of juice every day.

Prepare the bitter gourd by peeling it and cutting it into small pieces. Before putting chips into the grinder, it’s critical to separate the seeds. You can add a tiny amount of water to modify the consistency of the juice. Remove any excess pulp from the liquid by sieving it.

2.     Aloe Vera, Turmeric, and Ground Bay Leaf

Combine the ground bay leaf (1/2 tbsp), turmeric (1/2 tbsp), and aloe vera gel (1 tbsp) in a bowl. This combo should be taken before lunch and dinner twice a day. Because of the high quantity of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, it is instrumental in managing blood sugar levels.

3.     Leaves of Neem, Tulsi, and Belpatras

The free radical scavenging activity rises due to antioxidants in all three components, allowing pancreas gland function and thus better blood sugar management. Mix 10 neem leaves, ten tulsi leaves, and ten belpatras leaf extract together. You should drink this mixture with water on an empty stomach to lower blood sugar levels.

4.     Powdered Cinnamon

This powder is also an ayurvedic diabetes treatment. In one liter of water, combine 3-4 tbsp cinnamon powder. After that, cook the mixture for around 20 minutes. Then pour the mixture and set it aside to cool. This cinnamon drink should be consumed daily by diabetes patients.

5.     Amla

The healing effects of Amla are well-known. 20 mL of juice, taken twice a day, can be pretty beneficial to diabetes patients. Even the fruit of the amla tree can be powdered and taken twice a day.

6.     Seeds of Methi (Fenugreek Seeds)

Methi seeds are another natural diabetic treatment. When paired with other Ayurvedic medicines, methi seeds can help cure diabetes because they are high in soluble fibers, which help regulate the digestion and absorption of glucose.

Soak methi seeds overnight in warm water. The patient should chew these soaked seeds first thing in the morning. You can also crush the mixture in the grinder and drink the concoction after sieving it. This treatment should be done every day for at least three months.


Ayurveda emphasizes various diet and lifestyle adjustments as a long-term solution for diabetes, enabling a diabetic patient to live a much better life. If you are a patient and want to try ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, contact a qualified Ayurveda professional to learn more about natural treatments. It would be best if you did not make any significant dietary adjustments on your own and always seek the advice of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

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