Baby Gear You Must Have

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Bringing home a new baby is one of life’s most joyful occasions, but if you’re not prepared for that little bundle of joy, things can spiral downward very quickly. Before your little one arrives, browse this list of 10 types of baby gear you need to have on hand from the minute your baby makes their debut in your happy home.

1. Baby Bottles

This one is a no-brainer. Even if mothers plan to breastfeed, it’s wise to have a breast pump and bottles as well. If you plan to use a breast pump, bottles are still just as essential as if you were going to use formula. If you’re planning to use formula, then don’t just get those baby bottles. Keeping baby safe is a matter of joy to every mother. Use dish soap for baby bottles to keep neat and clean your baby bottle. See number two!

2. Formula

Food is going to be a big part of your baby’s life from day one. If you want your little one to grow up happy and healthy, pick out a formula that meets your high standards and hope for health. While some mothers will choose to breastfeed, others want to use formula, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

3. Bassinet or Cot

Bassinets are ideal if you plan to have your baby sleep in your room for the first few months of their life. Because bassinets are easily portable, you will have some flexibility as to where you want your baby to fall asleep. If you opt for a cot, you’ll need to buy the necessary equipment to make sure that the cot is safe and that your baby has a soft environment to sleep in. Baby cots online are widely available and help you get a great deal on a cot.

4. Baby wipes

Most parents remember the diapers, but if you’re brand new to this whole parent thing, it might not dawn on you that you’ll need baby wipes as well. Make sure you choose a brand that has a good following and favorable reviews. Some babies have hypersensitive skin, so you’ll want to switch brands if you notice any reaction to the first brand you try.

5. Onesies

Onesies are those adorable one-piece baby clothing articles that make everyone say “aww” when they see them on your baby. Pick out a healthy variety of onesies and be sure to be prepared for growth spurts! That little one is going to be growing more than you’d ever guess those first few months, so make sure to have a starter size and a few sizes up on hand.

6. Stroller

Your baby isn’t going to be walking for a while yet, so you need to have a way to quickly cover large areas of space without having to carry your baby everywhere. A stroller is an ideal solution. Not only do strollers give your baby a safe, cozy place to relax while you’re out and about, but you can get some really great exercise while you’re out walking with your baby.

7. Car Seat

Don’t ever forget the car seat. If you haven’t bought one yet, it’s time to get shopping! You’ll need to take your baby with you many places in your vehicle, and a car seat is the only thing that will keep them safe.

8. Monitor

If you plan to have your baby sleep in a nursery away from you, you’ll want a quick way to know when your baby needs you. A video monitor or simple sound monitor is the answer to your needs. Nowadays, many people prefer video monitors. They even come in the high tech “smart variety” and monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels, among other vitals.

9. Bathtub for Baby

A tiny baby bathtub is about as adorable as it gets. You can find many baby bathtubs that have neat “baby-friendly” designs that will make splash time more visually fun for your little one.

10. Toys

From the time your baby can see and hear, they will be a playful being by nature. They’re curious and looking for fun right out of the womb. Make sure that you have safe, age-appropriate toys for your infant.

If you’re having a baby, you need all of the baby gear covered here. Chances are, you’re going to need another 200 or so things, too, but this is a great starter list.     

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